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The Gutter Boys’ system features a high-flow, stainless steel micro-mesh that lets water in but keeps debris out

As one of the fastest-growing companies in Northeast Ohio, The Gutter Boys last year made an optimistic assessment of the 2020 home improvement season by stocking their warehouse with extra inventory of their top-rated micro-mesh gutter guards. “We expected this year would be a busy one for us, but we just didn’t know how busy,”...

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When it comes to cleaning and sealing your driveway before winter, the clock is ticking

In addition to being a successful business owner, Pristine Clean founder Ken Wilson is also a family man who regularly serves as a volunteer coach for his sons’ flag football teams. “When coaching, we try to teach the kids life lessons, like the importance of giving your best effort for the entire game,” Ken says. “Too often we see our...

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Here’s why you shouldn’t miss your six-month dental exam

Heading into fall, with increasing cautions about a spike in Covid-19, lots of moms are thinking about putting off non-essential doctor visits. One local dentist—Dr. Sanam Magrey, of Dental Care of Brunswick—is going above and beyond to make sure her offices are as sanitary as possible, because the last appointment you want to...

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CarePatrol of North Central Ohio can help you find the just-right level of care for you or your loved one, from in-home to independent living, assisted care or memory care

“Getting old ain’t for the faint of heart.” —Anthony Hopkins There’s nothing quite as stressful or emotionally draining as your loved ones needing your help as they follow their journey through aging. Finding the just-right level of care—from in-home to independent living, assisted care or memory care—is a daunting...

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Now is the time to decide if switching to a different insurance plan might better suit your needs

This year’s enrollment period for Medicare launches on Thursday, October 15, and ends on Monday, December 7. In theory this might seem like a lot of time to make sure the plan you’re enrolling in is the best fit for your needs, but in practice it really isn’t. “The Medicare annual enrollment period is the time when everyone who has...

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