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How will My Personal Trainer pump you up to get you to your goal?

Marketing experts coined the term “customer stickiness” to describe a company or a brand that tends to attract repeat business. Here in Wadsworth, one of the stickiest training studios you’ll find is My Personal Trainer. Unlike most gyms and studios, where people visit for the first month or two, then dwindle down to nothing, once...

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Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics in Medina offers Low-Cost CT and CT with contrast scans

CT and MRI scans are diagnostic tools doctors use in the determination of disease, the extent of an injury or the cause of pain a patient is experiencing. Often, though, just getting a scan scheduled, performed and paid for is an inconvenient, uncomfortable and expensive process. Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics in Medina offers...

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See how the Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate takes personalized customer service to the next level

Jessica Chodaczek loses sleep wondering where her clients will put their shoes in their new home. Sound strange? Not to her and her team at The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate. To this group of six powerhouse licensed real estate agents and one super assistant, making your family’s daily routine as stress-free, convenient, and comfortable...

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Bath R Us can transform your space for Less time, Less money, Less hassle—More bang for your buck

There’s more to a spectacular bathroom than just the tub or shower, insists Chad Howman, owner of Bath R Us. That’s why Bath R Us’ custom-designed bathroom packages integrate all of the important components into a gorgeous, conveniently functional unit, Chad insists. “There are other companies that will offer you an acrylic shower,”...

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To keep debris out of your gutters and big icicles from forming when the cold hits, Gutter Cover Company offers two proprietary solutions to manage both

Let’s face it, caring for gutters is a headache for most homeowners. When it comes to protecting them in the most efficient manner, one locally owned company rises above the rest, offering year-round solutions. Gutter Cover Company’s Gutter Topper guard system relies on a solid-cover slope design that’s superior to any screened products...

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