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Katy Dix Brahler has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in real estate in Bay Village and Rocky River

In the fast-paced, unpredictable world of real estate, you don’t rise to the top and stay there for 27 years without having a keen sense of what’s next. I sat down with local Re/Max Realtor Katy Dix Brahler to catch a glimpse into her crystal ball about where the market on Cleveland’s west side—especially Bay Village and Rocky...

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A Final Thought: Facebook Memories

I gave up Facebook in May of 2020. We were still reeling from the Covid lockdown and my Facebook feed was filled with misinformation and vitriol. In addition, the Democrats were about to hold their convention to choose a presidential candidate to run against Donald Trump, and my friends on the left and right were fighting like children in a...

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A high-quality website with no money down

Many local business owners are unhappy with their websites, but don’t know where to turn. Some sites may have taken months to build and cost thousands of dollars yet they’re not what the business needs. Others may have been built inexpensively by a friend or family member who is now disconnected from the process. Still others were constructed...

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Exactly the way: This is how you sell your home and keep more of your money

Aaron Peterson takes to heart the mantra “work hard, play hard.” While hard work underlines the character of a person, what someone does in their free time gives you a better glimpse into their personality. And for Aaron, his dynamic, can-do persona touches everything he does in life. As one of Exactly’s top real estate agents, he also...

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Here’s how Symphony at Olmsted Falls supports its residents and people in the community

In their year-long quest to achieve 2,022 collective acts of goodness through its 2022 Grateful Give Back program, the staff and residents at Symphony at Olmsted Falls have celebrated different groups, from animals to staff workers, children, caregivers, friends, first responders, veterans, families and local charities. “From the smallest...

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