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Brooklyn Pointe offers an elevated form of dementia care

Based on groundbreaking research into new approaches to individualized senior care, Brooklyn Pointe offers a welcome haven to folks looking for assisted living and memory care. “Our philosophy is to provide a place where people can live their most vibrant, thoughtful and engaged life,” says Kevin Carlin, who is chief of sales for Meridian...

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The Village of St. Edward has been embracing the aging process with care for more than 50 years

The Village of St. Edward was founded more than 50 years ago to provide a welcoming home that caters to the physical, spiritual and social needs of area seniors. With locations in Fairlawn, which opened in 1964; Wadsworth, which opened in January; and Green, set to open later this year, the growing faith-based communities, which are...

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With over 16,000 square feet of floor space, Home Appliance Sales and Service's new Avon location is designed to inspire

What an exciting time it is for both businesses and consumers. After a number of lackluster years, more businesses are beginning to open and expand. That means more choices and more excitement for consumers. That’s exactly what Home Appliance Sales and Service of Brunswick is doing by opening a brand-new appliance showroom and design center...

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A Final Thought: The dragon of "thou shalt"

According to Friedrich Nietzsche’s Three Transformations of the Spirit, we humans are destined to experience three stages in our lives. The first is that of the camel. When we’re young, we drop to our knees obediently and declare, “Put a load on me,” and society responds by loading our backs with countless rules and instructions about...

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List your home with Exactly for just $4,800, no strings attached

Every so often, companies come along that change the way we do things. Facebook changed the way we communicate. Uber revolutionized the way we get around. Netflix streamlined how we watch movies. And now in real estate, Exactly’s mission is to transform the way we sell homes. Filling the niche between selling a home by owner and using a...

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