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This innovative subscription series can help you reconnect with your Jewish traditions

Striking a successful balance between the social and the sacred aspects of Judaism, Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim has created the fourth year of Celebrating Jewish Life, an event-based subscription series of six Jewish holiday experiences that engages adults in ways that recapture the Jewish spirit and reconnect them to the Jewish...

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Those who love working and living at The Village of St. Edward are finding joy again in the things they love most

Everything at The Village of St. Edward revolves around helping its residents live their best life. The communities offer a vibrant style of independent living, with the option to move along their journey through assisted living and memory care if necessary. With locations in Fairlawn, Wadsworth and Green, the Villages offer all the comforts...

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Covid recovery at The Laurels of Chagrin Falls

Of all the demographics affected by Covid-19, the senior population was hit the hardest, and many are still on the long road to recovery. At The Laurels of Chagrin Falls, we took a proactive approach through our Covid Recovery Program, which began in March 2020. Whether in-house residents or on an outpatient basis, we address the specific...

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Death by wine and watermelon

We’ve explored the myth of the combination of wine and watermelon resulting in an increased libido. Let’s look at another old wive’s tale involving the same combination. “My friend, Betty Kaufman, an independent wine consultant in Napa, told me about another tale of wine and watermelon,” says Jim Sperk, of the Northern Ohio Wine...

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Next level internet access with Proper Access and Wifi 6 is taking over

Nobody ever tells you it’s time to upgrade. When incandescent light bulbs were being phased out and LED bulbs took over, you just kind of knew you were going to have to make a change. When a new iPhone comes out, videos and glamour shots of the new product prompt you to switch things up. So, what about Wifi? How will you know when it’s...

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