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A Final Thought: Here’s to the month of June

Life can be a challenge living along the icy shores of the Great Lakes. Back in late February, I went for a walk along Lake Erie at Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve. It was surreal. The thick shore ice in all directions seemed like the surface of the moon, with jagged peaks of upturned ice farther out in the lake as if there had been an...

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S&S Heating, Cooling and Sheet Metal can turn your HVAC system into an air cleaning machine

Long before coronavirus changed the way we live, a growing number of homeowners were installing air purifiers in their homes to filter the air. But now they are proving to do much more than just removing dust and allergens. During the pandemic, we have been diligently scrubbing our hands and surfaces to keep the virus at bay, but now many...

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Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center provides a next-level indoor and outdoor appliance buying experience

Recently, I heard about a grilling event being held at Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center. They’ve been open for two years now and smashing sales records every month, despite Covid-19. Needless to say, it was time for a visit. Grills and More GrillsAs promised, there were cooking and grilling demonstrations that included some...

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Residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia are rediscovering the joys of living at Symphony at Olmsted Falls

With doors opening once again to family visits for the first time in over a year, Symphony at Olmsted Falls is a joyous place to be. “To see the family members hug their loved ones for the first time in so long is pretty special,” says Director of Sales and Marketing Danielle Ridgeway. “There has been no shortage of tears with all these...

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It’s no secret that sellers are getting top dollar for their homes, but Exactly Real Estate's formula for success means that you can net even more

If you have been thinking about selling your home, we are in one of the hottest seller’s markets in decades. Couple that with Exactly real estate company’s flat-fee commission, and you can get top dollar for your house—right now. “Consumers love flat-rate pricing because not only does it offer transparency, it usually saves them...

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