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Check out today’s revolutionary e-bikes that are making cycling fun again at Century Cycles

One of the fastest-growing consumer products markets in the world is the e-bike. Dramatic advancements in battery technology combined with an aging population mean more of us can enjoy the thrill, adventure, and fitness benefits of biking—for many more years and over greater distances. And, no, electric bikes aren’t...

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A Final Thought: A Father’s Day Takeover

Editor’s note: Mitch’s youngest daughter Kat is the author of this month’s column. I am free-spirited. I’ve always been the one with a heart a tad too big for her body, and I’m told I feel things differently than most. For half of my life, I tried to change this sensitivity. I wanted to toughen up, to be the strong one, not...

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Full-service real estate without the big commission? That's Exactly

“A homeowner recently told us that working with our real estate company is like having your cake and eating it, too, because you get great service and it costs less,” says Kevin Wasie, founder of Exactly real estate company. “That really sums it all up.” Founded in 2018, the cornerstone of this locally owned company is its flat-fee...

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Here are some AC troubleshooting tips to help you identify any issues and get your home cooler faster

"No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater…than central air.” —Azrael In the 1999 satirical comedy Dogma, Jason Lee plays Azrael, a demon from the fiery underworld who travels above and marvels at humans’ ability to cool their living quarters. Anyone who goes into an air-conditioned building in the summer has...

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The new Express and Fine Detail Centers at Splash Car Wash are now open, making it easy to keep your ride looking fresh

A marvel of automation, the recently opened Express and Fine Detail Center at Splash Car Wash in Fairlawn is testimony to the operation’s high-tech cleaning protocol and ongoing pursuit of innovation. “The vision of becoming everything people would need to keep their cars like new, both inside and out, was one that began with my...

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