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P.K. Wadsworth Heating & Cooling offers these tips to avoid a costly heating system breakdown

When the leaves change color, and the hot apple cider is flowing, it’s a magical time of year. It’s also the time of year when homeowners hold their breath while they turn on their heating system for the first time, crossing their fingers that they hear the familiar and comforting roar of their furnace or boiler. There are cases, however,...

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The Section 179 deduction

These days it takes time for manufacturers to ship new orders, so if you are a contractor in need of equipment, now is the time to order it. Plus, purchase your equipment before the end of the year and take advantage of the IRS’s Section 179 tax deduction, which lets you deduct in the current year the cost of equipment purchased or financed and...

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In Madison, Ohio—the heart of Ohio’s wine country—Standing Rock Farms beckons with a captivating blend of history, nature, and elegance

Are you looking for the ideal venue for a girls’ getaway or a guys’ golf weekend? Maybe a company or exploring Grand River Valley’s Wineries? Standing Rock Farms in Madison, Ohio, is a brand-new entry in the luxury resort market. And you’ll want to put it on your radar. In May 2020, when the world seemed to slow its pace, Lake...

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A new beginning: The courageous story of one local teen who turned tragedy into an opportunity to begin again

It’s said that in the wake of tragedy, life goes on. But it doesn’t really just “go on” does it? With each new sunrise and every spring flower, life begins again. After a horrific 2021 sledding accident in Hinckley left 17-year-old Natalie Wilson paralyzed from the chest down, she could have wallowed in the darkness of all the...

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Here’s how the rebrand of a 60-year old non-profit group has created opportunity for two local businesses

For many organizations, the chaos of the pandemic forced unplanned pivots. When Sarah Bals was named executive director of Lake County Development Council in January 2020, during the start of Covid, business activities were coming to a halt. “This was a juncture for the board of business leaders and I to take pause and evaluate our...

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