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Exactly’s Aaron Peterson says charging a flat fee for listing and selling a home, instead of a percentage of the sale, helps sellers net more profit

Just like the prices of everything from cars and gasoline to ground beef and fresh fruit have dramatically increased this past year, housing prices have skyrocketed. “The same houses buyers were looking at last year when house hunting may now be out of reach because of rising interest rates,” says says Aaron Peterson, one of Exactly real...

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Copeland Oaks offers an active and maintenance-free lifestyle for those 55 and over

During the summer, many of us travel to visit our aging parents only to discover they are not managing household complexities as well as they once did. Or we ourselves may be exhausted from yet another year of lawn mowing, hedge trimming, mulching, gutter cleaning, etc. And summer will soon transition into fall, signaling the end of yet...

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Stop allergies before they start

More than 40 million Americans suffer from seasonal or perennial airborne allergies caused by an overactive immune system. Many turn to medications for relief. The problem is these drugs can cause side effects such as nervousness, fatigue, headache and drowsiness. Are there natural options for allergy sufferers? Yes! According to research, a...

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Bridgewater Senior Home Care helps to bridge the gap between families and care options, helping them to make the best-informed decisions for their loved ones

Older adults who wish to stay in their own home as they age—or need guidance in finding the best-fit assisted living when the time comes—will find a helping hand with Bridgewater Senior Home Care. “We offer the best of both worlds: in-home support care and placement services,” says founder Molly Koenig, who is uniquely...

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To help customers maximize the efficiency of their HVAC units, the Staron family’s S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal has programs, pricing and savings hacks to help make every penny count

There is no escaping the effects of inflation. It’s not just gassing up your car when you are leaving home that is costing so much, but staying put in your home also is more expensive. At S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal, the family-owned business is helping customers budget better for HVAC services with its Preferred Customer Maintenance...

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