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Altenheim helps people living with dementia optimize the joy of each day

A good day with moments of joy. People with dementia may not remember them for very long, but they deserve to experience them, insists Linda Begley, activity director for Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living at Altenheim Senior Living, in Strongsville. “Our activities aim to optimize each day and allow each resident to be the person...

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Celebrating the poinsettia at Uncle John's Home & Garden

Having been displayed by Franciscan friars in Mexico as early as the 1600s, festively colored poinsettia plants have been a decorative staple of Christmas celebrations for nearly as long as ornamented Christmas trees. In Mexico today, the plant is known as flor de noche buena, or flower of the good night, referring to Christmas Eve. The...

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Seniors who choose to call Southpark Square Senior Apartments home say they feel happy and wouldn’t change a thing

Andreas and Erika M. never thought they would be happy living in an apartment—until they moved into Southpark Square Senior Apartments, in Strongsville. “We wouldn’t change this for anything,” insists Erika, who returned to Northeast Ohio with her husband and moved into Southpark Square in September 2017. “The location is...

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How do I determine the price for my product or service?

Pricing your product or service in a way that you can make a fair profit without scaring away price shoppers may be one of the most difficult tasks facing an entrepreneur. Here are some tips for determining what your price should be, from Gary Cerasi, CPA, owner of Creative Business Strategies. Q: How do I determine the price for my product...

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Look no further than your garage to create the perfect party venue

Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want may have perfectly depicted the traditional, old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner. What the beloved painter never got around to capturing on canvas, however, was the part before the family takes their places at the table—the part where they gather in the open garage, shielded from the crisp fall air,...

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