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Get a head start on spring now with Southwest Landscape Management

“April showers bring May flowers.” My first-grade teacher used to say that a lot, and at the time she may have been right. In my memory, it seems like Northeast Ohio used to have springtime between March and May before those months began to deliver unpredictable, alternative days of blizzards and teasingly warm temperatures. The...

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At Altenheim Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living, their motto “We’ve always stood for family” rings true—and it’s making a huge difference in the lives of their residents.

Isolation can be confusing and traumatic—particularly for people with dementia. That’s why Linda Begley, activity director at Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living at Altenheim, quickly arranged FaceTime visits between residents and family members when Ohio’s Covid-19 isolation orders went immediately into effect last...

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Blue Heron Brewery’s new mother of all Bloody Marys pulls back the curtain on the fall season

The mother of all Bloody Marys has signaled the opening of the Blue Heron Brewery’s new fall season of brunches, day parties and other exhilarating patio events. “We wanted to create the biggest and boldest Bloody Mary in town,” said General Manager Khadar Soussou, explaining the origin of the Hail Mary Bloody Mary brunch feast in a mug...

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The University Hospitals Breast Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center provides support and guidance when a woman needs it most

Understandably, a breast cancer diagnosis is likely to bring on anxiety and confusion that can make it more difficult for a patient to navigate through the treatment process. That’s why the University Hospitals Breast Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center provides patients with as much support and guidance as possible, assures Xuan Huang,...

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Design Surfaces is elevating the kitchen remodeling process, and it’s everything

Out of sight, out of mind. During all those years when you spent a substantial portion of your days working outside your home, a lot of the wear and tear and no-longer-fashionable decor may have escaped your notice. With more people working at home—perhaps permanently—the demand for a more appealing, updated environment is...

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