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Design Surfaces Kitchen and Bath has beefed up its natural stone inventory, and we’re in love

Many of our most essential products today are relative newcomers to our lives. The iPhone, for example, hit the market only 11 years ago. Google was launched in 1998. And only 36 years ago, techies of the day were awed by the incredible Commodore 64, with its robust 64 kilobytes of RAM. But today’s most spectacular kitchen countertops have...

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LifeWorks of Southwest General helps you take better care of you with a comprehensive list of fitness options

More than ever, it’s important to take care of yourself, insists Karen Raisch-Siegel, executive director of LifeWorks of Southwest General. “The fitness center you belong to can make a huge difference,” she says. “Our outstanding programs, amenities and expert instructors give our members just about everything they need to stay fit and...

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Budget Blinds is now offering fashionable window treatments that are cord free

A whole generation of young folks today may not recognize a corded telephone. Soon, says Mark Florek, it may be the same for window coverings. “Motorization of blinds, drapes and shades is taking off,” reveals Mark, who, with his wife, Jana, owns the local Budget Blinds franchise. “Our product reps are telling us that within five...

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Paying off back taxes

When Comedian Steve Martin got caught not paying taxes, he had a two-word defense: “I forgot.” That doesn’t work in real life, cautions Gary Cerasi, CPA, owner of Creative Business Strategies. Tax debt can be a serious matter. Here, Gary explains more. Q: I got behind in paying my taxes. What should I do?A: Call the government...

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Splash Car Wash, the amusement park of car washes, is about to get a whole lot more fun

Cedar Point this year made the summer exciting for roller coaster enthusiasts with the opening of Steel Vengeance, the world’s tallest and fastest coaster. Not to be outdone, Fairlawn’s Splash Car Wash, the amusement park of car washes, has announced a major expansion that will soon add a longer wash tunnel, a detailing tunnel, a...

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