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By manufacturing its own cabinetry line called “NEFD@Home,” Northeast Factory Direct is keeping prices low by bypassing the middleman

After more than 20 years offering high-quality, low-price furniture, hot tubs, mattresses, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and more from his no-frills, warehouse-style stores, Northeast Factory Direct’s Alex Nemet is still committed to keeping prices low. So much so that over the years he has been given many nicknames—from “the Duke of...

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Shaw JCC are helping members establish a path to wellness success

Another year, another fitness plan. Should you join a gym? Invest in the latest workout equipment? Hire a personal trainer? Find a workout class? It’s a decision that seems to come around like clockwork this time of year. But why not make the choice that gives you all those options plus so much more for you and your whole family, all under one...

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How life insurance can help now

Most people understand life insurance to be a financial tool that helps their loved ones when they pass away, providing needed funds for bills, college and more. What they may not realize is that life insurance can also be a vital resource to help support the policy holder while he or she is still alive. By choosing a policy with a living...

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Now through the end of the month, Lumen Nation is holding its annual January Market Closeout Sale to make room for newly purchased inventory

The staff at North Canton’s Lumen Nation is just now returning from the huge January market in Dallas known as “Lightovation, the Dallas International Lighting Show.” This is where the world’s lighting manufactures present their new products to buyers, and where new trends and technologies are introduced. Each year Lumen Nation’s...

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Consider a second opinion

This is the year you say, “No, I’m not going to put up with this anymore. I’ve had enough and I’m tired of dealing with the pain, itching, bleeding and annoyance of having hemorrhoids. I’m done with the creams and hassle. I want to be able to enjoy life to the fullest.” So, you go to your doctor to get this pesky problem taken care...

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