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Here’s how to turn your tax refund into a gorgeous, affordable new kitchen from Northeast Factory Direct

This spring, the IRS is expected to refund about $1.1 trillion in overpaid taxes from 2022. If a portion of that interest-free loan to the government has your name on it, you may want to wisely invest it in your home—the average refund of close to $4,000 would put you well on your way toward a remarkable new kitchen, suggests Angelo...

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Dr. Stewart Surloff passed away from cancer in 2001, but his dream of a cancer wellness center that goes far beyond “chemotherapy and surgery” will last forever

As Stewart’s Caring Place celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, it has remained steadfast to its original mission: providing supportive services and programs, in a relaxed and caring environment, all at no cost, to individuals and families touched by cancer Just like the butterfly that embodies this cancer wellness...

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To better gauge the market, Kevin Wasie of Exactly real estate company always tell homeowners to look at what is happening in their neighborhood

When you watch the news on TV or read national publications, you get a mixed message about the status of the real estate market. Local real estate expert Kevin Wasie cautions that a lot of what you hear is not always applicable to the Midwest. “To better gauge the market, I always tell homeowners to look at what is happening in their...

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Here’s how Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa can rejuvenate your skin and get you glowing

While it has been said that beauty is a radiance that comes from within, nurturing the skin goes a long way toward creating a healthy glow. “Nourished and healthy skin exudes a warm radiance,” says Teresa Price, a medical aesthetician at Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa’s Wooster location. “We have non-invasive aesthetic treatments...

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A bootyful baby roid

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! And while you’re excited about the arrival of your new bundle of joy, something you weren’t expecting may be growing as well. Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can develop during pregnancy, typically during the third trimester or at delivery. During the third trimester, the weight of the baby pushing down can...

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