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The 2024 Cleveland Chain Reaction winners will be announced in August, but first, let’s take a look at two recent winners

Cleveland Chain Reaction is a small business pitch competition that connects entrepreneurs to capital and mentors, and places new businesses in Cleveland neighborhoods. It’s a program of Cleveland Partnership’s Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), and applications are now in for its seventh season. Soon, the top 20 businesses...

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A Final Thought, Special Edition: It’s time to transform Cleveland’s lakefront

Regular readers of this column know I moved to Northeast Ohio 32 years ago from Columbus, Georgia, as evidenced by last month’s column on grits, which yielded some clever reader feedback. And though I’ve lived 30 minutes from one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world for all these years, I’m embarrassed to admit I have rarely...

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UH Ahuja Medical Center is leading the area in advanced joint replacement modalities

Babies are born with approximately 300 bones, but that decreases to 206 bones by adulthood, as some bones fuse together. Though the number of bones decreases as we age, problems increase—giving rise to the field of orthopedics. More than just healing fractured bones, orthopedics has evolved over the centuries to include total joint...

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At University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, treating patients with blood vessel disorders means utilizing a top team to save limbs—and lives

Combining advanced medical knowledge, specialized skills and a compassionate approach to patient care, the vascular specialists at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with conditions that affect the body’s blood vessels. Given the fact that if you were to line...

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With Collective Rose, Vintage Hollow and Antiques on the Square conveniently situated on Chardon Square, finding something special to love is as easy as it is fun

Timing is everything. And thanks to perfect timing, the owners of Vintage Hollow, Antiques on the Square and Collective Rose have created every shopper’s dream right here on Chardon Square. These four women have a history in this community, share a passion for helping others find unique items, and have recently combined their efforts to make...

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