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Here’s how Pristine Clean ensures every power washing job is safe and effective

When it comes to pressure washing your home, there are many good reasons to choose an experienced, reputable company, but one reason stands out: safety. Each year thousands of people find themselves in the emergency room after being injured by a pressure washer. That’s because the PSI of many machines is set so high it can lacerate human...

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The wildly successful Lumen Nation offers show-stopping lighting fixtures for home and landscape

Like a trip to a museum or art gallery, shopping at Lumen Nation brings with it a new appreciation for beauty. And that’s just how owner Tom Rafferty wants it. “I strive to put together a rich diversity of selections, bringing in unique treasures and finds people won’t see at other places,” he says. “We also go out of our way to...

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To create the open kitchen dreams are made of, Acclaim Renovations & Design is bringing down the walls

The open-kitchen concept has been the darling of the home design world for quite some time—and for good reason. It connects family members with each other, and family members to guests, supports socialization, and fosters a feeling of togetherness. Free-flowing spaces seem calming and less confining. Better distribution of natural...

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Kick your enjoyment of the great outdoors up a notch with a patio or pavilion installed by Precision Outdoor Creations

Ninety percent of Americans reported in 2021 that their outdoor living was “more important than ever before,” according to a report by Outdoor Trend. Here in Northeast Ohio, with homeowners showing their outdoor spaces more love—and expecting more from them—professional landscaping companies are rising to the challenge. We...

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Here’s how to make the grass greener on your side of the fence

A steak from Applebee’s is, well, just a steak. But a steak from Ken Stewart’s Lodge is a culinary experience. Fertilizer is kind of the same way, says Correy Petz, owner of EverGreen Turf Solutions. That seems like a stretch, right? Well, not exactly. “Just like the difference between a decent steak and a prime steak, there can...

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