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Free electrical inspection

May is Electrical Safety Month. We’re celebrating by offering homeowners free electrical safety inspections (a $457 value) all month long. Electricity is one of those things people take for granted, until something goes wrong. However, many potentially dangerous issues can be easily prevented. During a comprehensive inspection, our...

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Here’s how Candyapple Nursery & Landscaping can help to keep your yard looking gorgeous throughout the seasons

Candyapple Nursery & Landscaping has perfected the art of one-stop shopping when it comes to creating an outdoor space that fits the homeowner. With more than 70 years of experience, the award-winning landscape designers are uniquely qualified to transform your yard, tapping into their expansive nursery and garden center for unique plant...

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The Peters Professional Landscaping team can turn your back yard into a hidden paradise hideaway

There’s nothing quite as hopeful as the annual return to green, witnessing our lush lawns, plants and trees coming back to life. In the spirit of renewal, now is the perfect time to take a peek out your back door again and take stock of what you see. Do you have a vision of how to improve it and make this summer your yard’s best ever? Put...

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From gutter cleaning and guards to a revolutionary water-fed pole window cleaning technique, The Gutter Boys helps keep your home beautiful and safe

Gutter cleaning is dirty and dangerous work. Climbing a ladder to stick your right hand into a thick, malodorous microbial soup of decaying matter, while holding a bucket in your left hand, means there is no hand holding the ladder. Don’t do that. While you may clean your gutters two or three times a year, the pros at The Gutter Boys do...

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Find out how the team of pros at Kaye Construction can help to make your home a place that works for you for years to come

How you live in your home changes from year to year. A house functions differently when a bachelor pad is turned into a couple’s home. A house that was perfect for a young couple bursts at the seams when kids are brought into the equation. A house where parents raised their children now needs to be a place where they can age in...

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