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It takes a talented team of experts like Acclaim Renovations & Design to take on transformations like this one

In 1836, famous architect Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form should follow function.” The busy Travers family of four reached out to Acclaim Renovations & Design to reimagine the form and function of the kitchen in their 2003 Colonial. Though the room was large, it suffered from a serious lack of storage space and dining space. An...

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Cleveland Stone Companies

If you’ve ever admired Cleveland’s beautiful historic buildings, architecture and sculptures, the “Guardians of Traffic” sculpture on the Carnegie Bridge standing guard over the city, the “Justice” statue in the Old Court House, Wade Memorial at Lake View Cemetery, or, here in town, the City of Avon’s Municipal Building, you must be...

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Can you DIY your garage floor?

The garage is what we put into it. Bit by bit, bric-a-brac piles up, and unsightly stains cover the concrete. Inevitably, homeowners reach a point and say, “enough is enough” and decide to take control. The garage is ground zero for home maintenance and refurbishing it might seem like another DIY project. But not every DIY project is...

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Gotcha Covered offers stylish options for windows

What do your window treatments say about you? Sleek and sophisticated? Modern and monied? Drab and dated? Missing in action? “Custom window treatments check a lot of boxes for any homeowner,” says Jennifer Tama, who owns Gotcha Covered of Medina. “They ensure privacy and safety, allow the desired amount of light to enter a room, and add...

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Boasting virtually every price point, brand and style, Window Depot has quickly become the area’s go-to source for windows

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing. Just ask Tony Hoty. In living up to his tagline of offering Clevelanders the best “selection, savings and service,” he and his team at Window Depot have researched and been trained in many different lines of windows. “It would be a lot easier for us to just install one or two...

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