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More than 800 Google reviews later, and Bath R Us customers have no regrets

It took barely a day for Seinfeld’s George Costanza to regret his marriage proposal to Susan Ross. White Sox third baseman Robin Ventura probably experienced instant regret after charging the mound after getting beaned by Nolan Ryan. The flurry of facial blows Ryan delivered may have hurt more than the fastball to his elbow. You may have one...

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Create instant curb appeal

The real estate landscape is starting to come back down to earth amid rising mortgage rates. Buyers are less likely to exceed the list price and pay top dollar, even as the available housing stock remains low. You can sell yourself short by giving buyers an excuse to back out or reconsider. Some buyers may not even reach the front door when...

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Are your cooling bills up?

Remember when your dad used to sarcastically ask, “What, are we paying to air condition the entire neighborhood?” if you left a door open in the summer? Well, turns out, he was right. People often perceive the value of high-efficiency windows to be connected with keeping cold air out, but the knife cuts both ways. If your leaky...

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Ceiling fans save money

This is usually the monthly column you see written by my father, Bill. Since he’s having a busy summer, I offered to write it for August. As the third generation to work at Streb Electric, I’m proud to have returned to the town where I grew up and settle down with my family after serving nine years in the U.S. Army Explosives Ordnance...

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Primary Home Improvements now offers an innovative way to cover concrete while adding beauty and value

Do you have a basement or garage floor that is cracked, stained or peeling? Are you worried about your family members tripping on that uneven floor or slipping in the puddled water? Would you like a low-maintenance, durable and attractive flooring option for the sunroom or covered patio? Primary Home Improvements (PHI) now offers stone epoxy...

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