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Is your roof ready for the rigors of winter?

Like squirrels gathering nuts or birds migrating south, like it or not, we’re in the throes of preparing for winter. But before you dive under a blanket with a good book, have you thought about your roof’s readiness to weather the season? Have you taken a walk around your home to look for missing shingles or discoloration? There are two...

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How to avoid power outages

With wicked winter weather comes snowstorms and power outages. There’s nothing worse than your power going out, often at important times like right in the middle of making dinner, and the fallout of having to find your old flashlights, which probably don’t work, not to mention the possibility of losing all the food in your fridge if it...

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Pay thousands less to redefine any room of the house, with high-quality cabinets from Northeast Factory Direct

Most kitchen cabinet stores offer “upgrades,” like all-wood construction and soft-close doors and drawers. You might more accurately think of them as “up-sells.” “That doesn’t happen at Northeast Factory Direct (NEFD), because other stores’ upgrades are standard features on our cabinets,” assures Angelo Lardomita Jr...

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With the stroke of a brush, Curb Appeal Painting is transforming homes

“God is in the details,” is an often-used quote by architect Mies van der Rohe that explains when attention is paid to small things, it can produce the biggest reward. When it comes to home décor, casting attention to trim, molding, doors and staircases can make a transformative impact to a living space. Since 2003, the perfectionists at...

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Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling can reshape your space

With high interest rates cooling down the real estate market, you can still get the place you have always dreamed of—your own home. “Homeowners who don’t want to double their current 3.5 percent interest rate mortgage to 7 percent now if they move, but still want bigger or just grander spaces, should make 2024 the year they remodel...

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