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Celebrating 70 years of business with the Guhde family

Whether you identify as a baby boomer, millennial, or Gen X, Y or Z, every generation brings with it a singular set of values shaped by the times they were reared in, looking to the future through their own telescope yet holding a reverence for the generations that came before them. Guhde Flooring America is on its third generation. As a...

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Clean and sanitize your outdoor surfaces

Last week, my wife and I brought our outdoor furniture out of the garage and set it up under our “veranda.” That’s the fancy name we give our back porch. I texted a photo of the furniture to my kids with the caption, “Spring is here!” My son-in-law texted back, “Looks great. Now sanitize it so we can come over.” He was...

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Questions to ask before hiring a contractor

In February, a business in downtown Willoughby hired a contractor to do some remodeling work. He met with the owner, lied about being bonded and insured, made her an unrealistic promise of how long it would take him to complete the work, took a large cash deposit for the job, showed up one day, made a mess of the interior, and then...

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Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete offers epoxy solutions for repairing and covering concrete flooring

No matter if it’s parked under a conveyor belt at the Nestle plant, beneath a dining table at the Hard Rock Casino, or in a residential basement or garage, just about every person (and every business) has a concrete floor. How you choose to cover your concrete can mean the difference between it having a limited lifespan and a long one...

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Free-flowing gutters prevent basement flooding and protect your home’s foundation

So far this spring, there have been at least three major thunderstorms in Northeast Ohio that featured sudden and torrential rains. While some of us waited it out comfortably sequestered in our home offices, other homeowners found themselves dealing with restoration companies and insurance claims resulting from a flooded basement. The...

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