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Electrical inspections a must

Unlike mechanical things, like your furnace or refrigerator, electricity is something that you might not be aware of but is constantly flowing through your home. And it’s highly interconnected. Something amiss at one outlet or breaker could affect the whole system. It’s recommended to have your electrical system professionally inspected...

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Kaye Construction bucks the trends by zeroing in on the style that defines each home they work on

Just when you start liking the small mosaic flooring tiles, the large-scale 12-by-24 tiles are now popping up everywhere in home décor magazines and on social media. And if you changed your fixtures and knobs to brushed nickel recently, look out for gorgeous new champagne gold kitchen and bath fixtures. What does all this mean for homeowners?...

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Here’s how you can set your trees up for spring success

If you peek at your trees in February, it’s hard to visualize anything but barren branches against a white blanket of snow. While any notions of a green leafy canopy may seem distant and remote, it’s time to spring into action. In the winter, trees stand in stark relief and are dormant, making it an ideal time to prune without interrupting...

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Granite or quartz counters?

Countertops may be the most noticeable part of your kitchen. Choosing the right countertops can make your kitchen look sensational, says Scott Powers, vice president of sales for Kiba Studios, in Medina. Here, Scott explains more about things you might consider as you shop for countertops. Q: What’s the most important consideration when...

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Enmeshed in the community while leading the way in flooring and remodeling: This is MDG Flooring America and Kiba Studios

Many people tend to organize the year by its four seasons. MDG Flooring America and Kiba Studios—located inside MDG’s Medina showroom—track time by their calendar of charitable collections. Presently, the family-operated flooring and kitchen/bath renovation retailers are offering a 10% discount to customers who bring in donations...

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