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Peters Professional Landscaping offers a fantastic array of landscaping and outdoor living improvements designed to make your piece of the outdoors great

People are putting the dollars that might have gone toward last year’s lost vacations into their own backyard. Peters Professional Landscaping is ready for them. “I would call 2020 the year of the outdoor living room and kitchen,” says Peters’ founder Chris Peters. “And so far, this year shows no signs of stopping. People have become...

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Lamphear’s 4 Season Maintenance Package allows you to put away your mower, your trimmer, your rake and your snowblower for good

The nicest thing about having a gorgeous, well-manicured property probably isn’t the time you spend working on it, argues Kory Lamphear, owner of Lamphear’s Lawn Service. It’s enjoying and relaxing in it, he says. “Weekends are short,” Kory emphasizes. “Every minute you spend working on your lawn is a minute that you’re not...

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North American Hardwood at Floorz

With interior remodeling still one of the most popular places for homeowners to spend their hard-earned dollars, grabbing a look you love at an affordable price has become a casualty. See, with the huge increase in demand for home remodeling products, suppliers that manufacture overseas have found it difficult to source materials and keep up...

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Candyapple Nursery & Landscaping can create a splash in your backyard

Tops on the list of industries that experienced explosive growth in 2020—just behind manufacturers of PPE and hand sanitizer—the luxury in-ground pool business has skyrocketed. In the wake of the pandemic, people got in the habit of spending their entertainment dollars at home. According to the management team at Candyapple Nursery...

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You can begin to put your tax refund to work by visiting the fabulous Choice Cabinet showroom, where the company’s design team is eager to create your spectacular kitchen

The federal government does one thing very well: collecting your tax money. The bad news is that it usually takes more of your money than it is entitled to. The good news, for about three quarters of all tax filers, is that it has to give back the excess—and the average annual refund is about $2,500. A new kitchen is the ideal...

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