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Fall is the ideal time to replace your roof and protect your home from the icy grip of winter

If you’ve waited all spring and summer to think about replacing your roof, I have good news: Fall is the ideal time to replace your roof. The summer rush is over yet there are still plenty of daylight hours so workers can start early and stay late. Plus, no one has to worry about spring rains or scorching summer heat interrupting progress...

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Impeccable workmanship and a “do-it-all” approach has made Deck Rescue synonymous with wood restoration

Your home is a big investment. If your house is a log cabin or has wood siding, you are fortunate to own a home of natural beauty. But that beauty requires a few worthwhile maintenance steps to keep it looking like new instead of cracked, dried, and weathered. Wood decks present similar qualities of beauty accompanied by maintenance...

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Now is a perfect time to have Southwest Landscape Management beautify your yard

“The best defense is a good offense” is an adage that applies to keeping your home’s exterior looking ship-shape in every season. Steps you take in fall can carry you through winter and ensure your home sweet home will look fabulous come springtime. For anyone who hasn’t had time this summer to take a good look at their landscaping,...

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Here’s how Jeffrey Toll and Gerald Tamburro are connecting the Amish community to jobs in the English world, and how you can benefit from an exceptional work ethic

There’s something about the Amish way of life that suggests a simpler, more authentic existence. In this unpredictable world, Amish living can be nostalgic and comforting. Jeffrey Toll and Gerald Tamburro, owners of Geauga Transportation Hub, felt that same attraction to a simpler life. Both moved to Amish Country in Geauga County and...

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Remodeling with Impact: Take your inside space and make it better

When you ask Joe Chiera if he prefers outdoor landscaping jobs or indoor home remodeling projects, he says it’s like picking your favorite child. You can’t because you love them equally. As co-owner, along with his wife, Kristen, of Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling, Joe and his staff are uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of home...

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