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With so many factors affecting our hearing, it’s crucial to create a provider relationship with a team that embraces technology while putting people first

Have you started scheduling all those yearly health checkups for the family? Is a hearing test on the list? Hearing loss is often associated with old age but can start at any age for many different reasons and cause mental and physical issues. If you’re experiencing problems with your hearing, including tinnitus, or are age 50 or over, it’s...

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Should you get cancer coverage?

No one is immune from the risk of cancer, young or old. However, age does play a role, with the average age of people diagnosed with cancer being 66.* Are you prepared if the unthinkable should happen? Fortunately, I can help you find a supplemental plan that may help with out of pocket costs if you receive a qualified cancer diagnosis. You...

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At University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, patients with congestive heart failure are living healthier, happier lives

When University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center opened in 2011, patients gained access to a first-rate hospital on the East Side, but this leading medical facility is just as focused on keeping patients healthy at home. One of the most frequent reasons for hospitalizations is heart failure. For those with congestive heart failure, the heart is...

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Jenefer Machovina is a busy working mom with a full plate of obligations and here’s how MaxStrength Fitness is helping her reclaim her health

Serving on the Avon Lake School Board, travelling the world as director for international cooperative development for a global financial services company, and being an overscheduled mom to four kids doesn’t leave Jenefer Machovina much time to focus on her own health. When the clock struck 50 last year, she decided it was time to add...

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Protecting the public’s health is a key mission of the Lake County General Health District, but that’s not all it does to support the community

Have you ever wondered what our local health departments really do? We learned through Covid-19 that they enforce the rules and regulations put in place by the US Department of Health and Human Services. But when there isn’t a worldwide pandemic, the local departments continue their work to prevent disease, promote equity in health, and...

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