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Adventure Play at Jordan Creek Park is now open

Video games will just have to take a seat in the corner this summer, because Lake Metroparks has recently unveiled the perfect outlet for kids to explore highs and lows, thrills and chills, and a dashing dose of swashbuckling feats—all in a natural setting through Adventure Play at Jordan Creek Park. Aimed at children over seven years of...

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Next-level dermatology has arrived

Merriam-Webster defines “optimum” as “most conducive to a favorable outcome; best.” The newly opened Optima Dermatology, led by Dr. Sara Lohser, promises to set the new standard of care in dermatology. The practice’s mission statement communicates its path to “revolutionizing” skin care by creating greater access to expert...

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Engine coolant is as important in the summer as it is in the winter

This month, greater Clevelanders can expect some of the hottest temperatures of the year. But while you flock to the beaches, pools and ice cream trucks to stay cool, you may also want to think about keeping your car’s temperature in a safe zone. Antifreeze, or engine coolant, does double-duty functions, keeping your radiator from freezing...

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If you have a clogged gutter, call The Gutter Boys, who are trained in ladder safety and use them every day

Last week, looking out of our upstairs bedroom window, I noticed a large hole at the top of one of the columns on the front of our brick Georgian home. (Yeah, “brick Georgian” sounds like we live in a mansion, but it’s just a small, 1958 colonial with the original pink tile in the upstairs bath. We call it “Mimi-pink.”) “Probably a...

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Are your legs still swollen?

Leg swelling in the summer is not uncommon. That’s because our veins dilate as a part of thermal regulation, that is, regulating the body’s temperature. The hotter the temperature, the more dilation. However, our bodies are adept at adjusting to change in our environment, so after about a month in warmer weather, your legs should acclimate...

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