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Mentor School students hosted a blood drive to give back

After the American Red Cross issued an urgent plea for blood and platelet donation to combat a severe shortage, students at Mentor High School stepped up and decided to answer it. On Wednesday, February 27, they sponsored a blood drive, asking students, teachers, parents and community members to pitch in. The tally for the day was 120...

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Floor Coverings International of Mentor brings the showroom and more than 3,000 samples to you

When you think about it, flooring is the most-used element in your home. Your friends, your kids, your pets and anyone who steps foot or wheels into your place will do so via your floor. Thanks to innovations in game-changing design technology, flooring has come a long way, now promising imperviousness to water, wear and stains, while...

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The Mentor Schools buses are now equipped with exterior cameras

The next time you are running late and feel the temptation to sneak around a bus with the stop sign arm out and red lights flashing—you may want to think again. Thanks to a safety grant from the Ohio Attorney General, all of Mentor School’s buses are currently being outfitted with exterior cameras that will capture the license plates...

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These historic sites offer a peek into Lake County’s past

Punxatawny Phil may have just predicted an early spring, but, hate to break it to you, this is Northeast Ohio—and we’re probably in for a good dose of winter weather to weather. Rather than holing up in your own home, why not explore fascinating heritage homes and sites here in Lake County? “The plethora of historic sites open...

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Stay connected in a tech-rich world with the new Phonak Audeo Marvel, one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market

As one of only 20 hearing centers in the United States to participate in a pilot program testing the effectiveness of new Bluetooth-connected hearing aids, Dr. Jane Kukula is thrilled to report the results. Over a six-month period last year, from early spring to late summer, 28 of her patients at Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center...

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