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Now is the perfect time for teachers to start varicose vein treatment

Teachers are on their feet for hours at a time, which can lead to tired and achy legs, especially if there is an underlying venous health issue, such as varicose veins. When a teacher visits our practice, it’s not unusual to hear them say, “When I get home, I just want to put my feet up!” Teachers often want to schedule their...

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Here’s how Acclaim Renovations & Design dramatically transformed this Leroy Township home

If there was an HGTV show based in Cleveland about resurrecting a great design from a poorly designed home, the Bateman renovation would make an epic episode. Sonny and Cindy Bateman bought their 61-year-old, one-story ranch home in Leroy Township in 2017. Spread over 1,500 square feet, it included three bedrooms, a tiny dining room, an even...

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The David Brown Construction Company is creating dream kitchens and baths and more, on a budget

One of the keys to running a successful business is the ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees. It was business guru Tom Peters who said it best: “As much as the NBA or Broadway, we are all in the talent business.” Nowhere is this more applicable than in the remodeling industry. “A contractor is only as good as his...

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People are finding the relief they crave from a remarkable, natural source at Your CBD Store in Willoughby

Since opening last November, Your CBD Store in Willoughby has helped its clientele with a myriad of health issues, from pain management and anxiety, to skin care, with a variety of bespoke products containing CBD. “We are highly educated about our products and consult with people to educate them about the potent effects of CBD,” says owner...

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Sewer Cleaning Company can keep your pipes flowing freely from April showers that may bring sewer backups and wet basements

Early spring is a beautiful time of year. Purple crocus rise out of the waning snow and the buds of trees prepare for the annual unfurling of their glorious blossoms and tender leaves. But underground, something not so glorious is also happening. Spurred on by the lengthening daylight and warming soil, the roots of trees have awakened,...

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