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Add 5-15 years to the life of your roof with an environmentally safe Roof Renew application from Pristine Clean

Besides the four walls, one thing all homes have in common is a roof, and over the millennia we’ve tried just about every roofing material to help keep our heads dry—from thatch and animal dung to tin, copper, zinc and slate. Slate, by the way, is a good choice because it’s a rock, pretty much the same technology you see in an...

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If your bathroom played out, the team at Acclaim Renovation & Design can cast a new lead

When designing a room, it’s a fundamental rule of thumb to establish a focal point, an interesting spot for the eye to land, a visual punctuation mark that other elements in the room highlight. Sometimes a focal point emphasizes the room’s best existing architectural feature, such as tall windows or a stone fireplace. And other times, you...

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Deciding which is the best insurance for you and your family

Over the last year, many people may have found themselves permanently or temporarily out of work. With life as we know it back in full swing, a return to a previous job or the start of a new one may be on your horizon. If it is, healthcare benefits will likely play a role in your decision-making process. Some employers offer the traditional...

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Farmpark’s FarmFest is back!

Sometimes the best things in life really are free. For a scrumptious little taste of all the fabulous happenings at Lake Metroparks Farmpark, don’t miss FarmFest on Saturday, July 10, from noon to 8 p.m. Where else on earth could you experience live bands, smothered slabs of ribs, beer and wine, horse cart and wagon rides, pony rides,...

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Leg swelling worse in summer

While most people in Northeast Ohio cherish the warm summer months, those with venous health issues—including varicose veins—can find the heat intolerable. That’s because leg swelling is typically worse during the summer. Healthy veins dilate in the heat in order to help manage body temperature, so without proper venous flow,...

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