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Much like the post-war exuberance of days gone by, homeowners are embracing this post-pandemic period by updating their homes to include loads of style and luxury touches

It’s estimated that at least five million of the more than 20 million homes built in the United States between 1946 to 1966 had one thing in common: They were pink. From blush to bubblegum, rosy to rouge, fuchsia to flamingo, historians point to the many shades of pink as a celebration of post-war exuberance in mid-century design. It may...

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Beth Andrus, owner of the new Club Pilates in Willoughby, along with her husband Fred Pompeani, are thrilled to offer this community the workout that changed Beth's life

Improved performance is always the goal, whether you’re an athlete trying to reach the peak of your sport, a grandparent trying to stay active with the grandchildren or anyone in between. Beth Andrus, owner of the new Club Pilates in Willoughby, along with her husband, Fred Pompeani, is thrilled to offer this community the workout that changed...

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Are your lower legs discolored?

Summer is a time for shorts and sandals, but many people feel compelled to hide their legs and ankles due to varicose veins—bulging, twisted, purple or red—and/or swollen ankles. But there is another symptom of venous disease that people often try to hide: leg discoloration. A change in the color of your lower legs can present in...

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Cochlear implants can help

If hearing aids are not providing the improvement in your hearing that you were hoping for, cochlear implants may be an option. “Cochlear implants are a wonderful solution for individuals with significant hearing loss in one or both ears,” says Dr. Cara Donovan, Au.D., of Sounds of Life Hearing in Mentor. “Many people start wearing...

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Treating bunions

Bunions are a common and painful condition that affect patients of all ages. Thankfully, the surgical methodology and equipment to correct bunions has advanced over the years. We can now perform a minimally invasive technique known as a Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS) Bunionectomy. The surgery uses four very small incisions and causes less...

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