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Celebrating all things fall at Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Darling, 2020 has been an appalling year of cancelled-this and postponed-that due to the “C” word. Mimi’s social calendar has been as parched and barren as the Sahara. Imagine the thrill when Mimi’s dear, dear friend, Andy McGovern, Lake Metroparks Farmpark events manager, announced that the Fall Harvest Weekends are a green light...

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Willoughby-Eastlake Schools navigates the new norm

On Monday, August 31, students in Willoughby-Eastlake Schools made their way back to school, whether wearing a mask on a bus or in a classroom, or via a remote online learning setting. To help people make the best educational decisions during these uncertain times, the administration reached out and received input from students, parents,...

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The intimate environment at Ohman Family Living at Briar means that seniors get more attention, engagement and loving support

Protecting ourselves and our families from Covid-19 is part of our daily lives. We wear masks, socially distance, avoid crowds and take all of the precautions the experts recommend for our protection and that of our loved ones. With our elderly population most vulnerable to coronavirus, assisted living communities like Ohman Family Living at...

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Discovering beauty at Mentor Plastic Surgery & MediSpa

Dr. Paul Vanek knows beauty—in his life, in his music, and certainly in his profession as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Vanek recognizes the beauty that dwells within every patient—beneath the skin, waiting to be uncovered. When he recently had the opportunity to see his dream come true, with his new Mentor Plastic Surgery & MedSpa...

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Here’s how Bob Gallese and the team at Acclaim Renovations & Design transformed one Mentor couple’s basement

The month of September is filled with notable distinctions. First of all, it’s National Happy Cat Month. For equal pet-share, 9/8 is National Hug Your Hound Day. The 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day (arrggggh) and—my personal favorite—the 24th is National Punctuation Day(!). But in addition to all these points of...

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