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The Dog Wizard brings top-quality dog training to you

Last year was a banner year for families inviting puppies into their lives. The shelters were emptied, and breeders couldn’t keep up with demand. But now that people are heading back into the workplace, and kids are perched to return to the classroom next month, those precious canines are going through stress and separation anxiety...

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Copeland Oaks offers an active and maintenance-free lifestyle for those 55 and over

As residents of Northeast Ohio who must endure the long, cold winters, we all look forward to our beautiful summers when we can be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the burden of maintaining a home and yard often robs us of that joy. If you’re looking to truly relax and relish the fun, active retirement...

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Selling your home? Exactly real estate offers the opportunity to pay less in commission while enjoying more services

Just like Netflix bypasses the theater so you can watch movies at home without buying high-priced movie tickets, Exactly is cutting out the middleman in the real estate market. “Unlike the large, national real estate companies that take a portion of the local agent’s commission, which typically ranges between six and 25 percent, we are a...

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A Final Thought: Lining Up For Government Cheese

In the early 1980s, the media discovered that the federal government was storing millions of pounds of surplus cheese at a time when many people were experiencing food insecurity. As a result, Ronald Reagan, who had recently cut the budget of the federal food stamp program, ordered the release of 560 million pounds of cheese. It was distributed...

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Make The Echelon your choice: It’s your here, your now and your tomorrow

The Echelon of Medina is out front in focusing on the needs of its members through compassionate, person-centered care, offering services and amenities that make it a first choice among discerning seniors. By bridging the best of the health and hospitality fields, the independent living community’s members know the joys of a well-balanced...

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