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Dogs naturally look for structure and a leader of the pack, and here's how The Dog Wizard can strengthen your role as the alpha

Living up to its name, the talented team at The Dog Wizard training center in Medina magically transforms behavior in pooches all over Northeast Ohio. Owners and trainers Steve and Aurelia Martin work with each dog to build trust, discover the rewards that reinforce the behaviors you want to see—and get rid of the ones you don’t—...

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A Final Thought: The Best Laid Plans

My wife is a strategic planner by both vocation and genetic predisposition. She’s always ready with a Band-aid or one of those tiny screwdrivers to open the battery compartment of a grandchild’s toy. So I was shocked when she agreed to drive south with me for a belated spring break vacation with no plan—not a single hotel or dinner...

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A Final Thought: Southern Origins

When I first moved to Northeast Ohio from Georgia/Alabama, I had to learn a new language. I was utterly unfamiliar with weather terms like squall, whiteout, black ice, and sun glare, let alone “polar vortex.” Now I am all too familiar with them, along with the sage advice to always keep a blanket in the trunk of your car in case of engine...

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Does anyone dial the phone anymore?

At the end of almost every article in each edition of Mimi, you’ll find an italicized paragraph providing contact information for the featured business, often including a phone number and a website address. But these days, that’s hardly necessary. When is the last time you actually entered a telephone number on your cell phone or typed in...

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Not every home crushes the numbers, and here’s why some go back on the market or sell for less

In this hot real estate market, it is especially important to get it right the first time. “You don’t want to have a sale fall through and have to put your house back on market because it will lose its luster,” says Kevin Wasie, owner of Exactly real estate company. “When your house loses its freshness on the market, it will attract...

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