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Aerni Dental offers the latest technology for treating gum disease

Research has shown that more than 50% of adults have some form of gum disease, with that percentage rising to over 70% for those 65 years and older. Of those who suffer from it, only 3% receive treatment. Traditional treatment for moderate to advanced gum infection may include invasive therapy such as incisions, bone grafting, gum grafting and...

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Adding a home improvement jewel like a deck or front porch creates a rich setting on which to enjoy the warm weather

The barren landscape in the winter allows us to see our homes and surroundings in a different manner—almost like an empty canvas, where you can see through the trees and imagine a new deck wrapped around the back of the house. Or maybe you have something grander in mind, such as a sunroom or other home addition. And just as the leaves...

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At My Personal Trainer, strength training with resistance, along with proper nutrition, is the key to exercising

The inevitability of gaining weight, getting fatter and losing muscle as you age isn’t necessarily permanent writing on the wall. According to Austin Buc, studio manager at My Personal Trainer in Broadview Heights, through professional assessments, specialized equipment and a twice-weekly, one-on-one, trainer-led workout program, people have...

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Help for heartburn with natural options

Do you suffer from heartburn, or have you been diagnosed with GERD? If so, you have likely taken an acid neutralizer. Makes sense, right? If you have acid indigestion then you must have too much stomach acid, right? Yes and no. It is estimated that approximately 40% of people over the age of 40 may suffer from hypochlorhydria or low stomach...

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Sewer Cleaning Company can keep your drains flowing freely, starting with a free video drain inspection

When it comes to beautiful neighborhoods, nothing is more iconic than suburban streets of older, well maintained homes shaded by large, ancient oaks, elms and maples. This describes many gorgeous neighborhoods on Cleveland’s eastside. And while it’s a perfect picture postcard above ground, below the surface something more sinister is going...

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