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The will is lost, not found

If you had to find your will right this minute, would you know exactly where to look? Would your family? “We’ve been getting a lot of calls from family members who can’t locate a parent’s original will,” says Jay Nabors, a Cleveland-based attorney who focuses on estate planning. “The problem is the court won’t accept a copy. If...

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Now is the time to prepare for sunny days ahead with help from Williams Landscaping & Pavers

We’re on our way to getting back to normal, and we can look forward to better days ahead over the spring and summer months. With the pandemic putting many of our plans on hold last year, why settle for more of the same when an outdoor living space puts the escape you’ve longed for right at your doorstep? Look no further than your...

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Dover Floor & Tile Center, backed by Dover Home Remodeling, can transform your bath into a thing of beauty

With most of us spending more time than ever cooped up at home, not surprisingly, the home renovation industry is going gangbusters. Never before have homeowners had so much opportunity to reflect on what’s happening in their home sweet homes. “Last year, we had a high demand for projects across the board—as busy as we’ve ever...

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Dr. Michael Yerukhim’s Profound RF is an aesthetic game-changer

As we all are eager to put 2020 behind us and get back to some sense of normalcy, we have a newfound appreciation for our health and wellness. And for some, well-being means looking as good as they feel. “Our patients are going to emerge from quarantine looking better than they ever have,” says Dr. Michael Yerukhim. “For those who want...

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In an effort to make yoga accessible to all, Evan Scharfeld has changed the way people immerse themselves at Cultivate Yoga Space

For many people across the world, 2020 became the year of the pivot. The fortitude to do so was especially vital for local businesses that had to reconsider their practices when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. One local yoga studio rose to the challenge in an inspiring and substantial way. Starting on January 1, 2021, Avon’s Cultivate Yoga Space...

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