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Roids hurt; treatment doesn’t

One question I’ve been getting asked a lot recently is, “If your treatments are painless, why do my hemorrhoids hurt?” About an inch inside your rectum, the skin of your butt ends, and the lining of your colon begins. While the skin area has many nerve endings and can be very sensitive to pain, the colon lining area is insensitive to...

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The power of routine

Fall is a busy time for us. People are settling back into their routines and ready for a change back to healthy habits. Research shows people who follow dependable, predictable routines achieve their optimal health. It also illustrates the importance of adopting habits that are attractive, convenient and achievable. This aligns with our core...

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Here’s how MaxStrength Fitness helped local plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vanek stage the ultimate comeback

From treks up Mount Kilimanjaro to scuba dives off the coast of Belize and 50-mile biking journeys through Colorado, plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vanek leads an enviably active and adventurous life. In 2017, when he was sidelined by a serious knee injury, in pain, and, in his own word, “hobbled,” he sought professional help from MaxStrength...

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Retire on your own timeline

Bill and Brody Fiesler, father and son owners of Annuity & Estate Planning Concepts, have seen it too many times. Somebody delays retirement then tragically is not around to enjoy it very long. “Unfortunately, people sometimes delay retirement because they’re afraid of running out of money,” Brody says. “Sound planning and the right...

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Legal forms for school kids

As the kiddos head off to school this month, the barrage of forms, physicals, school supply-buying and preparation comes to an end. But one consideration you may not have thought of is having the appropriate legal forms in place for your school-age or college-age children. Attorney Margaret T. Karl provides some insight. “It’s...

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