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Grab a ticket, lend your support, and maybe take home a fabulous prize for the fifth annual Maple Splash Raffle, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Burton Middlefield

Since 1951, the Rotary Club of Burton Middlefield (RBM) has been serving the need of veterans, disabled members of the community, the homeless, women, children and others in need. The list of organizations and projects RBM has supported is long and continuing these good works takes money. With the help of many sponsors, RBM also works to raise...

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Hamlet at Chagrin Falls offers seniors the opportunity to carve out the life they want to live within a safe and supportive haven

Independence is something we spend a lot of time trying to gain. Once we have it, we spend even more time trying to keep it. Independence can start to wane, slowly at first, then more rapidly as the years go by. Hamlet at Chagrin Falls has one very specific goal for independent living residents at its 47-acre natural, peaceful community in...

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If neuropathy is impacting the way you live, Core Life Chiropractic can help

For anyone experiencing the pain and often debilitating effects of neuropathy, you know that relief can be elusive. Dr. Pooja Patel, founder of Core Life Chiropractic, offers chiropractic services and other safe and effective therapies for those suffering from neuropathy, leaky gut and more. “I opened my practice in 2018 exclusively...

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Daveron Design + Build gives you the freedom to take your new build or remodel wherever you want it to go, for less

The Daveron difference in home renovations, additions, decks, fencing, patios and new home builds is something that’s right there in the name—Daveron Design + Build. As a complete design and build company, Daveron takes your project from inception to completion right up until the final finishing touches are completed in your new...

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Amptify trains you to hear

Imagine this: You’re attending a family event you’ve anticipated with excitement, but also some anxiety. You’re thrilled to see family, but you know it will be difficult due to your hearing loss. Sound familiar? Even if you wear hearing aids you love and work with an audiologist, this is a challenging situation. In large houses with...

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