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The Helicopter Daughter offers a welcoming respite, complete with gift ideas, in support of caregivers

All of us are caregivers. Whether we’re caring for elderly parents, a spouse, children, or friends and neighbors, at some point we find ourselves in that role. And just like that airplane oxygen mask analogy, perhaps there is no one more important to care for than ourselves. Karen Hadden, owner of The Helicopter Daughter, has found herself...

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Here’s how one local teen is working to honor fallen military members

The title “Gold Star Family” was initiated in World War I to distinguish a family that experiences the loss of a loved one in military service. Continuing today, any immediate family member, parent, sibling, spouse or child, receives a Gold Star from the Department of Defense to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for this country...

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Chardon’s newest store, Vintage Hollow, features vintage and eclectic finds to suit every taste and budget

Karen Miller and Meghan Connolly recognized each other as kindred spirits when they met. Both vendors at an vintage store in Mentor that ultimately closed, Karen and Meghan knew their partnership was just beginning. “We became fast friends,” Karen says. “When the shop was closing, Meghan came to me and said, ‘I know you love what...

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Volunteers needed to help individuals and families in transition

Since 1993, Project Hope for the Homeless has been addressing the needs of our neighbors without homes in Lake County. Programs include an overnight adult shelter, a children and family wing, an aftercare program providing support for former guests, and a senior care house. Project Hope for the Homeless relies on support from the Lake County...

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Break through tinnitus treatment

A common symptom of damage to the ear and hearing system is tinnitus. Tinnitus can be defined as noise heard that has no external cause. It can sound like ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring and more, can be constant or intermittent, and is unique to each person affected. “Tinnitus is present in about 80 percent of persons living with...

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