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Van’s Auto Service & Tire Pros provides unparalleled service for your peace of mind

Van’s Auto Service & Tire Pros is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Northeast Ohio. It’s one of those businesses that took a family-owned, 30-plus-year legacy and all the dedication and hard work that entails and applied those qualities right here. With 14 locations across the area, it looks like they’re doing something right...

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Affordable luxury: Rosso di Montepulciano Wine

Let’s wrap up what has been a visit over the last few articles to the beautiful and historic hilltop town of Montepulciano. This is perhaps an introduction for many readers to the ruby red, fragrant, lively and affordable Rosso di Montepulciano. If Rosso di Montalcino is the “baby brother” to Brunello di Montalcino, we can consider Rosso di...

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Envision Ophthalmology takes the time to care

One of the main reasons Dr. E. Shanika Esparaz, a double board-certified ophthalmologist, made the choice to open her own direct care practice, Envision Ophthalmology & Wellness, was to have the luxury of spending more time with her patients. “It means a lot to me to be able to offer my patients ease of access and no wait times,” Dr...

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Dr. Eric Trattner uses new microwave technology to eliminate painful, ugly warts

Chances are you or someone you know has suffered with painful plantar warts. At best, warts can be annoying. For some, they can be embarrassing and quite debilitating. Dr. Eric Trattner, a podiatrist who is certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, says that experience is now unnecessary. “Traditionally-available...

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Elevate your home with professional cabinet painting from Chagrin Home Improvements

Chagrin Home Improvements is a small business with a big goal—to be the very best at what it does. Focusing on and investing in its cabinet painting process has established Chagrin Home Improvements as a premier cabinet painting specialist in the area. “People know us for our meticulous deck cleaning and staining process, and we are...

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