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Illumin8 Wellness in Concord offers people the tools they need to heal themselves

Physical and emotional health have always been important, of course, but we’re realizing even more that it’s not selfish to care for ourselves, it’s self-preservation. Patti Lombardo, owner of Illumin8 Wellness in Concord, realized nine years ago that in order to help others heal she needed her own space. “I’ve been planning...

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This stunning kitchen transformation has been brought to life by Daveron Design + Build

For the past few years, home design has been all blues and greys in paint, furnishings, tiles and flooring. Today, styles are shifting once again. Warmer tones and natural wood accents are trending. The interior designers at Daveron Design+ Build are experts at not only in the design of your project, but also in complete project management,...

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Customized hearing aids

Where are a few things the doctors of audiology at Sounds of Life Hearing in Concord Township would like you to understand about hearing aids. Every person’s hearing loss is different, and no two people have the same needs. “Just because someone you know had a bad experience with hearing aids doesn’t mean that you will,” says Sarah...

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The Champagne shortage

Since the pandemic began, we’ve been forced to manage without a lot of things. Seeing family and friends, visiting our favorite restaurants and traveling all come to mind. But Champagne? Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse. “With New Year’s Eve being the most popular event to be celebrated with Champagne, second place goes...

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The team at Chagrin Home Improvements is ready to transform the interior of your home with a fully staffed crew of professional painters and plenty of materials

Just when you thought making beautiful and impactful changes to the interior of your home was too difficult due to delays in just about everything, Chagrin Home Improvements comes to the rescue. “My crew is ready to take on your interior painting project and help transform your home without delays in deliveries, staffing or services,”...

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