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Laketran is keeping seniors in the community more mobile and connected

When Gloria Fakult turned 90, she decided it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery for a change. She began using Laketran Dial-a-Ride public assisted transportation. “Although I’ve lived in Lake County since 1965, until I started riding on Laketran, I had no idea how beautiful our area truly is,” says the now-97-year-old, who...

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Healing Kneads Massage offers a need-specific massage experience

Sitting across from verdant rolling acres, on a street appropriately named Paradise, Massage Therapist Kris Sydorenko offers a myriad of massage styles in a specially outfitted spa suite on the terrace level of her lovely home. A decade ago, after spending years at a bustling spa in Medina, and seeking to offer her clients a more tranquil...

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Reproductive Gynecology and Infertility promises that patients enrolled in its 100% Guarantee Program can and will bring home a baby

For many couples, having a baby may seem like an impossible dream. And as the weeks turn into months that sometimes turn into years of waiting for the miracle of life to take root, frustration turns into disappointment that sometimes turns into despair. What if you could know for sure, guaranteed, that you could become pregnant and take home...

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Cliff Schoen, who was severely injured in a car accident, is staging a comeback with the help of Fitness Together

It’s a beautiful day…(extended pause)…It’s a beautiful life! Please leave a message.” You would never guess from Cliff Schoen’s cheery voicemail greeting—or sweet, infectious smile—all that he’s been through. On the chilly early morning of March 27, 2012, when he was driving from his home in...

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Change your lifestyle habits now and redirect your course, MaxStrength Fitness can get you there

We all see the proverbial “writing on the wall” at different times and for varying reasons. For some, it might be the sudden death of someone their age, or maybe the potential demise of the company they work for. But the writing doesn’t necessarily have to signal gloom and doom. Those who recognize it in time have the power to change...

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