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Getting Stronger Every Day

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired in these COVID-19 times? The Lake County YMCA invites all in the community to participate in a free six-week Reset challenge designed to help transform spirit, mind and body. “It is time to focus on ourselves once again. Now, more than ever before we need to recharge and refocus,” said the Lake County...

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By offering the latest medical advancements in a spa-like environment, Dr. Danielle Shaper, of Finesse Footcare, is dramatically improving the health of her patients’ feet

Finesse Footcare is marking the New Year by opening spacious new office that better reflect the patient experience of high-tech treatments delivered in a pampering, luxurious environment. “I’m thrilled to move in this week,” says owner Dr. Danielle Shaper. “We worked hard on creating a space to match how we wanted our patients to feel...

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Take magnesium to relax

According to the National Academy of Sciences, nearly 50% of Americans are deficient in the mineral magnesium. This is a big deal because magnesium plays a critical role in health. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Intensive Care Medicine, a magnesium deficiency can make you twice as likely to die as people who are not...

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Hemorrhoid surgery isn’t cutting edge

Who needs hemorrhoid surgery? The answer is almost nobody—no matter how bad things are on the back end. Hemorrhoids can be divided into four different grades. Grade one hemorrhoids stay up inside and don’t come out. Grade two hemorrhoids come out a bit when you’re having a bowel movement but go back up inside on their own. The grade...

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Fitness Together's New Year, New You Makeover Contest

As we all look forward to a much-needed “do-over” on 2020, the generous folks at Fitness Together in Fairlawn thought now would be the perfect juncture to launch their 8-Week New Year, New You Makeover Contest. “We understand what a long haul the past year has been, with many people letting their fitness routines go and becoming...

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