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Clients are realizing profound results and getting into the best shape of their lives.

May is the month to welcome summer, plant your annuals, dust off your golf clubs, buy your pool pass and venture into the darkest depths of your closet to pull out last year’s shorts and bathing suits. If the fit seems to be a little snug, don’t waste your precious time worrying about it (or investing in a really, really big cover-up). Turn...

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You could win the car of your dreams, at

When it comes to fundraising, the Lake County YMCA is always on the lookout for novel ways to engage the community. This year, they are expanding their Dream Car Raffle by adding a package that includes a loaded Chevy Traverse LT, a fun-filled weekend in Amish Country, mountain bikes, and a gas card to get you there. “Taking the place of our...

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Residents at The Village of St. Edward in Fairlawn and Green are enjoying in-person visits with loved ones again

The power of a hug is like a ripple on water: far-reaching, pervasive, profound. When the doors were reopened for personal visits at The Village of St. Edward last month, and residents and their loved ones could finally give each other a long-awaited hug, the scene was magical and heartwarming. “When our doors had to shut in 2020 due...

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Quercetin, inflammation, and immunity

Recently, few supplements have garnered more attention than quercetin. While much of it has been related to Covid-19, quercetin has an extensive body of research for a variety of conditions, including seasonal allergies, heart disease, chronic brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, and immune challenges potentially including Covid-19. Quercetin...

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The fitness specialists at LifeWorks of Southwest General can help you pinpoint the best way to get fit—for life

Most of us want to feel good and healthy. But how do we get that way? The trouble for many people is cutting through the ongoing bombardment of fitness philosophies and fads to determine what exercise program is right for them. That’s where the fitness specialists at LifeWorks of Southwest General come in, suggests Karen Raisch-Siegel,...

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