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Reclaim your intimacy with Mona Lisa Touch

Although women seem to talk to each other about so many issues, they remain hesitant to talk about their own vaginal health. “You see television commercials for Viagra and Cialis every day, yet, sadly, women still don’t feel comfortable discussing their own intimate conditions and therefore end up suffering silently and needlessly,” says...

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Gastrointestinal issues are on the rise, and here’s how you can protect yourself

It is a sign of the times that digestive orders are on the rise. Grocery shelves filled with genetically modified foods. Children and adults feeling more stressed than ever. Even use of legalized marijuana is a contributing factor. It all points to the fact that many people are eating more processed foods rather than whole foods and have...

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Vital Choice Healthstore's recommendation for better blood pressure

In 1998, a Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of nitric oxide (NO), a gas produced in the body that can regulate immune, bone, brain, lungs and heart activity. Today, I’d like to focus on one of the major ways NO enhances health, called vasodilation, as well as share how it’s helped me. Vasodilation is the relaxing and expanding of...

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Game-changer for treating warts

Chances are you or someone you know has suffered with painful plantar warts. At best, plantar warts can be annoying. For some, they can be quite debilitating. Dr. Eric Trattner, a podiatrist certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, says that experience is no longer necessary. Traditionally available treatments have been...

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Spry Senior of Brook Park offers a different method of delivering medical care to seniors

Seniors of Brook Park and surrounding communities now have a choice when it comes to their healthcare experience. Spry Senior of Brook Park is a different kind of healthcare provider, and one that’s not only desired, but is also reminiscent of the past—when doctors took their time with patients, built relationships and developed treatment...

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