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Treating bunions

Bunions are a common and painful condition that affect patients of all ages. Thankfully, the surgical methodology and equipment to correct bunions has advanced over the years. We can now perform a minimally invasive technique known as a Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS) Bunionectomy. The surgery uses four very small incisions and causes less...

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Training through pregnancy

At Higher Heights Fitness, we tailor training protocols to the maximum success of each client, regardless of age or stage in life. We’ve recently been working with a few pregnant clients who wanted to exercise up until the week they gave birth, and then begin again several weeks after having their babies. Carrying a baby can put a...

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You need omega-3s

Do you eat fatty fish like salmon or sardines at least three times every week? If not, you are likely not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are nutrients that are essential to health—heart health, brain health, digestive health, joint health and immune health. And, unlike other nutrients that your body can manufacture,...

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Safely eliminate hemorrhoids and have an out of booty experience

I recently asked a patient how she was doing following her first hemorrhoid treatment. She replied that she couldn’t believe how much better everything was. “I feel like I’m wiping someone else’s butt,” she said. I told her she was having an out of booty experience. Now when she goes to the bathroom, she doesn’t have to wipe...

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The Shaw JCC in Akron is prepped and ready for a summer of fun with an abundance of new programming and one of the best camp environments around

It’s time to make your summer plans, and if swimming, camp for the kids, working out, meeting new friends, or trying something new are on your list, the Shaw JCC in Akron should be your summer destination. “Registration is open now for swim lessons, swim team, summer camps and other activities,” says marketing director Shannon Piggott...

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