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Infrared laser therapy for chronic pain

There is increasing interest in using light therapy to treat many conditions, including skin ailments, chronic inflammation and pain, and for increased healing after surgery or injury. Too many patients expect a quick fix and schedule their initial consultation in the spring, which is too late to see significant results by summer. In the...

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Enjoy healthy legs by summer

If you’re like so many of us, in 2021 you committed to doing something about your leg pain, swelling and fatigue, but New Year’s Day quickly turned into Easter, which suddenly became the Fourth of July, then Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Now, here we are again. So let’s make 2022 the year we really do it—the year we take care of our...

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Resolve now to do something about your nagging foot pain

A research study published in Inc. magazine last year reports that the day people are most likely to quit their New Year’s resolutions is January 19. If you’ve already abandoned your resolve to lose weight, exercise more or get organized, one local podiatrist has a better idea. Why not kick off 2022 by doing something about your nagging...

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Yes, there is a treatment for peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition resulting from damage to smaller blood vessels and nerves, most often in the extremities. Its symptoms include weakness, numbness, burning, and a painful sensation of “pins and needles.” It’s associated with diabetes, pre-diabetes and chemotherapy. If you’ve been diagnosed with peripheral...

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Is your hearing the best?

Wondering if your hearing is the best it can be? At Amanda’s Family Hearing, we offer comprehensive hearing testing as well as personalized consultations to help you meet your hearing goals. Just coming off the holidays, sitting around the table with family and friends, did you notice any of them being particularly quiet or even avoiding...

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