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MaxStrength Fitness can change the way you age with a stronger body and bones

People often consider achieving their best overall health a function of maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle and losing fat. But we also have the power to change the structure of our bones, which could have an equally impactful correlation to well-being and healthy aging. According to a recent study from the Harvard Medical School,...

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Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services can have you back to living life on your terms, pain and limitation free

It’s been said that nothing is as healing as the human touch. At Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Services, the expertly trained hands of therapists elevate healing to another level. More than just restorative, physical therapy can be life changing. Whether recovering from surgery, suffering from chronic back pain, dealing with urinary...

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Here’s how Sounds of Life Hearing Center can help to improve your hearing and your life

There is so much to learn about the relationship between our hearing and our overall health. There are no better teachers than the Doctors of Audiology at Sounds of Life Hearing Center in Concord Township. “It is important to remember that hearing is part of our overall health and to incorporate hearing care into regular healthcare says...

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Neck pain: Surgery not needed

No matter the source, neck pain can lead to chronic deficits, limiting quality of life and function. It is important to see a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy first to assess your range of motion and evaluate how your body is compensating for the neck pain. We see a lot of people get misdiagnosed based on their symptoms and functional...

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UH Geauga Medical Center’s revolutionary non-surgical treatment for stress incontinence can have you back in the game of life

Just like people used to shy away from talking about and seeking treatment for mental health issues, urinary incontinence was another matter they sidestepped. However, as more patients realize how common and treatable it is, that’s changing. Stress urinary incontinence—involuntary leaking during activities such as laughing, coughing,...

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