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Maple Health Direct Primary Care is dramatically changing the doctor-patient relationship

Enjoying longer appointment times, 24/7 direct access, less waiting and more comprehensive medical care customized to you seems like an unattainable dream in today’s frenetic healthcare climate. Founded by Dr. Richard Berry in 2022, Maple Health Direct Primary Care is the first of its kind in Lake County. This novel model of patient-centered...

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Study details fish oil risks

A study recently published in a prestigious medical journal reported a confusing outcome. The authors found that regular use of fish oil supplements by healthy individuals could increase the risk of developing atrial fibrillation. However, for those who already have the condition, taking fish oil supplements decreased the risk of further...

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Whether to slow the aging process, eradicate acne or eliminate skin cancer, Trillium Creek Dermatology specializes in caring for skin

When you meander down the long drive and through the front doors of Trillium Creek Dermatology’s flagship office in Medina, every detail is designed to make you feel calm and at peace in a busy clinic. From the feng shui interior design to the attentive staff, the patient-centered focus is at the forefront. And when new offices opened in...

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Painless hemorrhoid treatment

We read it in our reviews and hear it in the office on a regular basis. Patients who have waited weeks, months, years, and even decades to treat their hemorrhoids tell us they wish they would have come in sooner. What keeps them bound to living with symptoms like bleeding, itching, burning, difficulty wiping and protruding hemorrhoids that...

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Hearing loss can increase a person’s risk for dementia by up to five times

With a mix of passion and compassion, the doctors at Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center in Mentor are the hometown choice for helping people live their best lives by detecting hearing loss and coming up with proactive plans customized to each patient to address it. “Hearing loss often occurs slowly over time like a dimmer...

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