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Beth Andrus, owner of the new Club Pilates in Willoughby, along with her husband Fred Pompeani, are thrilled to offer this community the workout that changed Beth's life

Improved performance is always the goal, whether you’re an athlete trying to reach the peak of your sport, a grandparent trying to stay active with the grandchildren or anyone in between. Beth Andrus, owner of the new Club Pilates in Willoughby, along with her husband, Fred Pompeani, is thrilled to offer this community the workout that changed...

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Dancers can find relief from foot pain at Finesse Footcare

With every jete, plie and pas de chat, ballet dancers appear to soar weightlessly and land lighter than a feather. While the effect can be magical to watch, the reality is dancing can do a real number on the feet, which take the full impact of all those landings. Podiatrist Dr. Danielle Shaper is not only the founder of Finesse Footcare...

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Reducing pain from Level 7 to Level 2

If you have been treated for pain, you are likely familiar with the pain level chart that shows a green smiley face at Level 0 and a red, sad face at Level 10 with several pain levels in between. Typically, Levels 1 through 5 represent mild to moderate pain that is more readily tolerated. However, Levels 6 and up can significantly affect your...

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Are your lower legs discolored?

Summer is a time for shorts and sandals, but many people feel compelled to hide their legs and ankles due to varicose veins—bulging, twisted, purple or red—and/or swollen ankles. But there is another symptom of venous disease that people often try to hide: leg discoloration. A change in the color of your lower legs can present in...

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Cochlear implants can help

If hearing aids are not providing the improvement in your hearing that you were hoping for, cochlear implants may be an option. “Cochlear implants are a wonderful solution for individuals with significant hearing loss in one or both ears,” says Dr. Cara Donovan, Au.D., of Sounds of Life Hearing in Mentor. “Many people start wearing...

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