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Boutique IVF at Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility, from ultrasounds to inseminations, retrievals, transfers and more

Infertility has been in the news a lot lately, particularly given that the anticipated Covid-19 baby boom never materialized. One contributing factor in declining birth rates is an increase in infertility, which is largely the result of women simply waiting longer to become pregnant. “Today, more and more women are putting their education,...

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The financial aspect of care at The Laurels of Chagrin Falls

For seniors and their families, the financial aspects of transitioning to long-term care can be complex, intricate and far-reaching. At The Laurels, we work directly with people through an ethical and compassionate approach to protect and preserve their assets. For peace of mind during this complicated process, I’m proud to report that we...

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Dr. Bianca Kostranchuk of Chesterland Family Eye Care encourages you to wear your sunglasses year round

The fall season signals a return to chillier temps, shorter days and less sunshine, but as you stash away your warm weather gear, don’t put away your sunglasses. Just like people are appreciating the importance of year-round sunscreen to shield their skin, they should also protect their eyes every month of the year. In fact, winter can be...

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Amelia Grace Assisted Living is a place seniors love to call home

One of the biggest reasons seniors don’t want to move to a senior care facility is they don’t want to abandon all the comforts of home. Recognizing this, when Paul and Penny Radvansky opened Amelia Grace Assisted Living in 1996, they chose to established a family friendly, more personalized, smaller facility. The charming red-brick...

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Happy gut, happy butt

What goes in, eventually comes out, and it’s the quality and variety of the foods you eat that can either cause or prevent hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids do best when we move our bowels once a day, and when the movement is not too hard and not too loose. Any deviation from that can increase rectal pressure or irritation, which often leads to...

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