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In just eight weeks, a whole new you can emerge

As we all look forward to a much-needed “do-over” on 2020, the generous folks at Fitness Together in Medina thought now would be the perfect juncture to launch their 8-Week New Year, New You Makeover Contest. “We understand what a long haul the past year has been, with many people letting their fitness routines go and becoming sedentary...

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It’s so much more than joining a gym

I’m with Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength Fitness, for a coffee break between training sessions. As we reflect on the chaotic year behind us, and chat about the one that lies before us, two words keep coming up: thankful and hopeful. “While many businesses in the fitness and training industry have been hurt by the pandemic, we have...

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Here’s how you can finally tip the scales in your favor

If your pants are feeling a little snug right now, with all the indulgences that come with the holidays, 2piFit will help to give you some wiggle room. To help you lose weight and tone up, personal trainer Celena Koerber is launching her Drop 2 Sizes 8-Week Challenge on Monday, January 11. Though she also is an industrial engineer,...

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The reinvigorated OsteoStrong in Chardon now offers even more health and wellness options

The newly renovated OsteoStrong studio in Chardon has expanded its wellness offerings over the past several months, augmenting the new Spectrum system to build a stronger musculoskeletal system, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and hydromassage with red light therapy and cryotherapy. “Our goal is to reverse and prevent bone loss while...

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Instead of taking a pain pill or getting an injection for pain, try physical therapy first

Adam Cramer, PT, DPT, founder of MyoFit physical therapy clinics, is on a mission. He hopes people will come to think of physical therapy as medicine, and stop masking their pain with pills and injections. “Pain is the body’s natural alarm system…a way of getting your attention,” he explains. “It’s human nature to simply...

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