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Don't suffer with leg pain and get healthy legs at last with Medina Vein & Vascular Center

When you take into consideration that we each have a vast system of blood vessels in our body that would stretch an astounding 100,000 miles long if you were to lay them out end to end, you can understand how problems can arise in the blood circulatory system. Though those blood vessels are miniscule capillaries, most of the health issues occur...

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University Hospitals Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute at UH Ahuja Medical Center will provide patients a seamless path to recovery

Injuries can happen anywhere, whether you’re simply walking your dog around the block or taking a hike in the Metroparks. In those moments, you can confidently turn to University Hospitals (UH) orthopedic and sports medicine specialists to help you get back to your active lifestyle. Projected to open this summer, as part of UH Ahuja Medical...

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Floaters defined: Are you seeing things?

Have you ever swatted away a fly that wasn’t there, or dusted a cobweb that didn’t exist? If the answer is yes, then you’ve experienced floaters in your vision, which can be bothersome and even scary. E. Shanika Esparaz, M.D., double board-certified ophthalmologist and owner of Envision Opthalmology and Wellness, says that anyone can get...

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The top team of medical professionals at the UH COVID Recovery Clinic have made it their mission to help people with lingering COVID symptoms finally recover

For those suffering from lingering effects of COVID for months, or even years, Dr. David Rosenberg says there is hope and you will get better. As the medical director of the University Hospitals COVID Recovery Clinic at UH Ahuja Medical Center, he leads a team of medical professionals ranging from pulmonologists and cardiologists to sleep...

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When everything you’ve tried for knee pain relief has failed, Aligned Health Center offers hope

Since opening in 2015, Aligned Health Center in Westlake has earned a reputation for “firsts.” It was the first and still only Chiropractic BioPhysics clinic in Northeast Ohio. In 2019, Aligned medically integrated their practice to help patients tap into this holistic level of care by offering mesenchymal stem cell injections for the...

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