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Teletherapy is highly effective

Research has indicated that counseling that takes place via telehealth is every bit as effective as in-person counseling. And now is the ideal time to recognize that, with anxious college students headed back to campus, busy working parents struggling with childcare restrictions, and at-risk people reticent to leave their homes. Avenues of...

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At MaxStrength Fitness clients participate in twice-weekly workouts that can produce life-changing results

Angela Van Der Oord of Avon Lake admits to being a gym-aphobe. She says she’s always been put off by gyms and fitness equipment. Luckily, she’s an avid tennis player and has never had an issue with her weight. But when this bubbly Baby Boomer turned the calendar over from her 60s to her 70s, she began to notice a few aches and pains...

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At Altenheim Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living, their motto “We’ve always stood for family” rings true—and it’s making a huge difference in the lives of their residents.

Isolation can be confusing and traumatic—particularly for people with dementia. That’s why Linda Begley, activity director at Shurmer Place Memory Assisted Living at Altenheim, quickly arranged FaceTime visits between residents and family members when Ohio’s Covid-19 isolation orders went immediately into effect last...

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Go ahead and butt dial me

We make it easy to get in contact. With the addition of our new online scheduling tool, you aren’t limited to a phone call alone. A lot of people are embarrassed to take the first steps toward treatment, so we’ve put in place a discreet way for you to make the first move. If you’ve been holding off on reaching out to me to discuss your...

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The University Hospitals Breast Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center provides support and guidance when a woman needs it most

Understandably, a breast cancer diagnosis is likely to bring on anxiety and confusion that can make it more difficult for a patient to navigate through the treatment process. That’s why the University Hospitals Breast Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center provides patients with as much support and guidance as possible, assures Xuan Huang,...

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