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Maximum impact in a minimum amount of time

We create meaningful educational content based on scientific studies that addresses issues such as sound nutrition, mindfulness, productivity and personal development. Like a family, we want them to feel they are part of something bigger, and I believe that’s one of the biggest reasons for our success and sustainability.” He explains that...

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Finesse Footcare offers a gentle laser treatment to drastically improve nails

Winter is the prime time of year to begin treatment to heal fungus in fingernails and toenails, as it takes several months for the fungus-free nails to grow out in time for spring and summer sandal season. But as anyone who suffers from the annoying and unsightly condition will tell you, treatment is largely ineffective. The most common...

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Dr. William Aerni, of Aerni Dental, says it’s crucial to your overall health to replace missing teeth

The atmosphere at Aerni Dental is not like a traditional dental office (intimidating, non-personal, foreboding). In fact, it’s intentionally the opposite of that. Overlooking the wooden metro parks in Strongsville, the welcoming building features rustic wood-trimmed floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a majestic panoramic view of the...

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8 tenets of integrative treatment

At Advanced MMC, the following eight core tenets help us create successful integrative treatment plans for our patients with chronic pain: 1. Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process. It’s a collaborative effort. I listen and find out where you want to go. 2. All factors that influence health, wellness and disease...

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Clear braces to the rescue

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of perfect teeth in our culture. Numerous studies have shown that Americans perceive people with straight teeth as 58% more likely to be successful. They’re also more likely to be thought of as happy, healthy and smart. On the flipside, whenever someone with imperfect, unsightly teeth smiles,...

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