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Help for hot flashes and menopause

For some women, hot flashes and night sweats are infrequent and manageable. But for others, they are a major obstacle to daily living—forcing sufferers to endure as many as 20 episodes per day. With this in mind, I want to revisit the herb that has been by far our most successful supplement for countless women, giving them relief in as...

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Fitness Together and Elements Massage Studio: The best of both worlds in one accessible location

Just when you were thinking it’s high time for a long winter’s nap, diving under a cozy blanket, heaping on the comfort foods, snoozing more and doing less, along comes a new neighborhood fitness studio to revitalize your health, strength and wellness. It’s like chicken soup for your elevated BMI. Opening next month in Concord, Fitness...

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Can changing the way you think really take you to the peak of wellness?

“Be loyal to your future, not your past.” Health and life coach Heather Kuchar puts a new inspirational quote on the chalkboard in her office each day at Healthy Attractions in Fairlawn. And this one is at the core of everything she does. “I ask my clients, ‘You only have this one body, this one life, why wouldn’t you make it the...

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Here’s how the top esthetic team at Exhale Spa at University Hospitals Avon Health Center can reverse the signs of aging, sun damage and more

Long before ingredients like fruit enzymes and retinol became ubiquitous in beauty products, people have been tapping into water for its therapeutic qualities to clean, heal and relax the body. Combining the centuries-old healing powers of water and the latest technology, Exhale Spa at University Hospitals Avon Health Center has just...

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Here’s how the team at Whole Body Health can help healthcare workers avoid on-the-job injuries

Did you know there are more than 18 million healthcare workers in the United States? And that according to the Centers for Disease Control, they are at high risk for musculoskeletal injuries due to on-the-job injuries? The team of doctors at Whole Body Health in Medina wants to help them, specifically nurses (RNs and LPNs), respiratory...

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