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Here’s how En Garde Deer Defense can help you stop the damage from deer and send them back into their natural habitats

Deer damage is nearing its peak because area does are now pregnant with their spring fawns. That may be good news for the deer, but bad news for your landscaping. “When female deer are pregnant, they are extra hungry because they need to provide nutrition for themselves and the fawn(s) they are carrying,” explains Jeff Ardo, founder of En...

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You don’t have to add square footage to enjoy a better flow in the kitchen—Kaye Construction can show you how

As a local, family-owned business, Kaye Construction likes to support other family businesses and is proud to offer products made in the USA. Most recently, it has teamed up with Crystal Cabinet Works, a Minnesota-based cabinet company, to offer semi-custom cabinets in dozens of wood options and colors, which are ideal when remodeling kitchens...

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Here’s what Gutter Cover Company owner Jim Carbone has learned after 25 years in the business—and what you need to know

After more than 25 years in the gutter protection business, the most common question we still get today is: “Do these things actually work?” After all, most of our customers have already tried one or more types of gutter screens or filters and are skeptical—because nothing they’ve tried seemed to do the job. Honestly, I don’t...

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Hassle-free baths and Christmas in July with Bath R Us

Tile can look nice in a shower or tub surround. But it also can create a major headache, cautions Chad Howman, owner of Bath R Us. “Tile grout is porous, and when water gets into the grout it can get behind the tile,” Chad explains. “Because mold and mildew grows where it’s wet and dark, you can end up with a big patch of mold or...

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When the team at property management giant Goudreau Management Corporation wanted a top-level roofing company on its roster, they called Spartan StormShield

Like cream rising to the top, companies in the marketplace with exceptionally high standards often have a way of finding each other. Take, for instance, Goudreau Management Corporation and Spartan StormShield. Founded in 1948 by George J. Goudreau Sr., Goudreau Management Corporation has grown over the years to include property management...

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