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See how Exscape Designs can create a gorgeous outdoor retreat right in your own backyard

A few weeks ago, Exscape Designs founder Bill Dysert was gearing up for one of the busiest seasons yet in his company’s long history of creating gorgeous exterior design/build projects, and handling landscaping and estate maintenance for busy homeowners. Surprisingly, that hasn’t changed in the era of Covid-19. The company is still gearing...

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Chagrin Home Improvements can transform your outdoor living spaces

The backyard may be the most popular destination this summer. Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, wants to help ready your outdoor living space for the warm weather, and he can do it from start to finish without you ever leaving the comfort and safety of your home. “From your first phone call or email requesting an estimate to...

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Before you invest in expensive plants, let an expert help you plan your space

Last spring when I introduced landscape designer Michelle Riley in the pages of Mimi, her phone starting ringing off the hook. That’s because people who know me know that I wouldn’t have recommended her if she weren’t good—and inexpensive. She’s both. “I loved getting calls from Mimi readers last year,” Michelle told me...

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Celebrating 70 years of business with the Guhde family

Whether you identify as a baby boomer, millennial, or Gen X, Y or Z, every generation brings with it a singular set of values shaped by the times they were reared in, looking to the future through their own telescope yet holding a reverence for the generations that came before them. Guhde Flooring America is on its third generation. As a...

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Clean and sanitize your outdoor surfaces

Last week, my wife and I brought our outdoor furniture out of the garage and set it up under our “veranda.” That’s the fancy name we give our back porch. I texted a photo of the furniture to my kids with the caption, “Spring is here!” My son-in-law texted back, “Looks great. Now sanitize it so we can come over.” He was...

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