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When retired RN Dee Burton began experiencing mobility issues related to a series of health setbacks, she avoided a dangerous fall by upgrading her bathroom with Bath Depot

Dee Burton, 79, has some health advice for us, and as an RN who retired at age 75, she’s fully qualified to offer it. “I’ve seen everything,” Dee says. “I served as head of trauma for MetroHealth. You can’t shock me.” Thanks to a cruise she took in early January of 2020, Dee was also one of the first Americans to get Covid-19,...

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Now is the time to protect your remaining summer flowers and foliage from deer damage, and change deer habits so they don’t destroy valuable trees and shrubs in winter

If you’re like me, you invest a lot of time and money into landscaping plants and want to enjoy them for as long as possible, and that includes well into the fall and winter. Unfortunately, deer enjoy our plants and shrubs as much as we do. Northeast Ohio’s beautiful park systems are among the best things about living here. From the...

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The Gutter Boys can install their popular gutter guard system right now—before fall leaves can cause menacing clogs

Many kids are back in school, high school football games have started, and already some species of trees are shedding their leaves. Though it is only August, fall is here. That makes right now a good time to make sure your gutters are in good shape by cleaning them, repairing them and/or covering them. Gutter Cleaning SubscriptionOne of...

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Here’s how Olivieri & Son can help you dry up your basement—permanently

Though the driest month in Northeast Ohio is August—where a typical day has about a 25 percent chance of precipitation—that does not mean water is not leaking into your basement. “Nobody wants to find out that their basement walls or foundation have water damage,” acknowledges Mark Olivieri, the son in Olivieri &...

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At Northeast Factory Direct, the savings don’t stop at affordable kitchen remodels. Revamp other areas of the house—for less

During a recent gander around my cluttered home office, I came to the realization that some spacious and attractive wall cabinets just might be the ultimate solution to the unorganized piles of files, office supplies and other must-keep garbage that have accumulated across my desk and open shelves. Angelo Lardomita, Jr., president, cabinet...

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