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Stella’s Art Gallery closes out its first year of celebrating art

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Stella’s Art Gallery in downtown Willoughby is the place to be, as you’ll find a mind-boggling array of art to behold. Operated by the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Carol Pitts and Dani Klein, the gallery is celebrating its one-year anniversary by welcoming more than 50 artists to join them, as...

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Holiday scams are here

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here, bringing shopping lists, thoughtful gifts and, unfortunately, holiday scams. Sue McConnell, president and CEO of the local Better Business Bureau, offers these helpful tips to spot red flags. “With shopping online growing by leaps and bounds—up 32% from 2019 to 2020—there...

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All things CBD at Royalton CBD

The market for all things CBD has exploded over the past year, and so has the stream of loyal customers coming to Royalton CBD. Owner Rob Berg says most of his clientele wants to improve the “big three” of pain, anxiety and poor quality of sleep. “Our boutique attracts clients from 20 to 80 years of age, some who have been fans of...

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Replacement windows with premium performance, it’s why Window City Pros is garnering five-star reviews

Remember when you were a kid and your dad used to say, “Close the door, I’m not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood”? Well, turns out he was right, and the same goes for your old, drafty windows in the winter, when you’re essentially paying to heat the neighborhood, as they let warm air out and cold air in. This puts a...

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Dream baths in less than a week with Bath R Us

"When I was a little boy, my dad worked at a factory. He always told me that the way you can tell which factory was the best place to work was by finding out which one had the most generational workers,” says Chad Howman, founder of Bath R Us. Chad Howman Today, as Chad looks around his new headquarters, this is who he sees working side...

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