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Ginny Calvey of Healthcare Help caters the coverage to her clients needs

When it comes to healthcare insurance options, Ginny Calvey, of Healthcare Help, is on a mission to help people get the maximum benefits for the lowest cost. “You don’t know to ask about what you don’t know,” says Ginny, who has been in the business since the 1990s. “My job is to research each client’s position and craft the best...

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate says the number of homes for sale is growing

Isn’t it hard to believe we’ve nearly sailed past the halfway point of 2022? Though this has been a tricky time for the real estate market, Mark and Denise Zervos, owners of Platinum Real Estate and team partners of The Neighborhood Experts and the Luxury Home Experts, report they are seeing silver linings when gazing into their crystal...

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Much like the post-war exuberance of days gone by, homeowners are embracing this post-pandemic period by updating their homes to include loads of style and luxury touches

It’s estimated that at least five million of the more than 20 million homes built in the United States between 1946 to 1966 had one thing in common: They were pink. From blush to bubblegum, rosy to rouge, fuchsia to flamingo, historians point to the many shades of pink as a celebration of post-war exuberance in mid-century design. It may...

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Dancers can find relief from foot pain at Finesse Footcare

With every jete, plie and pas de chat, ballet dancers appear to soar weightlessly and land lighter than a feather. While the effect can be magical to watch, the reality is dancing can do a real number on the feet, which take the full impact of all those landings. Podiatrist Dr. Danielle Shaper is not only the founder of Finesse Footcare...

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Who gets the kids?

With stressful workdays and chauffeuring kids to non-stop practices and activities, parents today feel like mice on a spinning wheel. Although there are many factors affecting their children’s well-being that are out of control, one that’s within their power is making sure the parents have a will in place. According to local estate...

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