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NOMS Healthcare provides affordable, patient-centric care in a boutique environment

It’s fitting that NOMS (Northern Ohio Medical Specialists) Healthcare is led by CEO Joshua G. Frederick, an accountant by trade and self-professed numbers guy. He can recite a staggering amount of statistics and percentages at any given time. One of the many reasons NOMS is rapidly expanding and flourishing is because its care is based on...

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Crossroads Health offers early intervention for children with developmental delays or mental health issues

With suspected developmental delays or mental health issues in babies, toddlers and children, the earlier clinical intervention and prevention takes place, the better the outcomes. In Lake County, Crossroads Health early childhood services provides professional developmental evaluation and assessment of children with challenges and offers...

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The Dover Flooring & Tile Center sells premium flooring and designs and installs luxury bathrooms

What looks like an unassuming storefront in the middle of a retail shopping center in North Olmsted is actually a spacious and elegant flooring and tile showroom. Opened last year, The Dover Flooring & Tile Center offers a VIP experience from start to finish, with a hand-picked group of highly seasoned tradespeople installing top-of-the-line,...

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Supercharge your metabolism with My Personal Trainer

Sometimes simply having an appointment on the calendar is enough to make the difference between getting in the best shape of your life, or not. Ten months ago, Kevin and Carole J. of Brunswick had reached the point where they knew they needed help, but didn’t know how to go about it. Then they received a postcard in the mail from My Personal...

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Dispelling yoga myths

The word yoga in Sanskrit means “union,” signifying the synching of mind to body through movement, breathwork and meditation. Each yoga studio offers its own take on the practice. At Vivify Wellness at Avenues, the focus is on smaller, semi-private and private classes with a more personalized experience and guidance, where the teacher can...

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