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The joy of wellness is yours for the taking at Vivify Wellness at Avenues

Vivify (v) To make more lively or vivid; to animate. To endow with life or renewed life. As a clinician and counselor for 20 years, Lisa Borchert decided to fill a niche of helping people make the connection between physical, mental and emotional balance to achieve a well-rounded and more vibrant life. Along with a host of other...

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Kingfish Seafood offers the freshest catch, and we’re wild about the Wednesday special

When a restaurant first opens, there is buzz—especially if it comes with a pedigree like Hospitality Restaurants, known for launching a host of landmark culinary icons. But it takes a special something to open to rave reviews and accolades (voted Best New Restaurant in 2018 by Akron Life Magazine), and, over time, manage to remain on...

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If you’ve got a passion for affordable home fashion, Consign Home Couture is a shopping must

Anyone who appreciates high-end furniture knows it signifies craftsmanship, innovative design, luxurious fabrics and materials, as well as bespoke finishes. To sum it up in six words: “You get what you pay for.” But at Consign Home Couture in Westlake, you’ll find much more than you pay for. The upscale consignment boutique...

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You’ve trained your pup to sit, so now what?

Beyond just having a furry faithful friend waiting for you at the door when you come home, owning a dog might help you live longer. Studies have shown dogs can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and keep you more active. For many busy folks, however, the barrier to dog ownership lies in not having the time to properly train them. But not...

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From person-centric service to staying ahead of the tech wave, Re/Max Realtor Katy Dix Brahler has her own unique way of getting the sale

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, one of the best ways for home buyers or sellers to find a perfect-fit Realtor is to seek referrals from other homeowners. “Despite the technology that seems to take over much of the searching for a home, the right real estate agent is still a human-to-human choice,” the article states...

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