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Guhde Flooring America can take your floors and more from now to WOW!

The desire to gather around a fire has been burning bright since cavemen circled a flame in communion 50,000 years ago. This time of year—when the chilly weather signals us to cozy up around the fire—is the perfect season to get in touch with your inner caveman. From super sleek to rustic chic, Guhde Flooring America has all the...

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At Cosmetic Therapy Medi-Spa, massage and esthetics go hand in hand

Tucked back in a stately, white clapboard century home on Mentor Avenue, through a brick courtyard lies the Cosmetic Therapy Medi-Spa. “Our dream of putting a team of wellness practitioners together in a med-spa environment came true when we were offered the expanded space on the second floor of this building,” says Elaine Nelson, who owns...

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Allergy season isn't over

While the fall leaves you are viewing this month are bursting with color, they are also responsible for fall allergies such as ragweed pollen and mold. “Dry leaves, grass and hay can harbor allergens,” says Dr. Barry Lampl, founder of Allergy Diagnostics. “Ragweed is one of the most common of fall allergies, which has similar symptoms to...

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Here’s what you can do to prevent hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing loss is the third most common chronic condition in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control. For most people, sadly, it often goes untreated, and research has linked hearing loss to increased risk of falling, depression, anxiety, memory loss and dementia. According to Dr. Jane Kukula, founder of...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design can help you embrace your basement

Bears, bees and snakes aren’t the only ones that hibernate. As soon as old man winter knocks on our door with his fierce, frozen fist, we humans escape to the warm comfort of home and hunker down in the great indoors. Not surprisingly, now is a busy time for home remodelers to renovate family rooms and basements into hibernation-worthy...

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