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The opportunity to find your dream home and put down roots is still within reach

Peace of mind is an invaluable commodity, especially when it comes to real estate. Several factors have a bearing on people’s decision to sell their home or buy a new one. Heading into winter, with interest rates slowly ticking upward, people might think now is a time to hold off on their decision until next year to see what happens...

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In about an hour or two, you can take estate planning off your to-do list. Yep, it’s that’s easy

With a host of pressing items on anyone’s to-do list, planning for your final wishes by drafting a will is an easy one to put off. The thought of it seems like loads of details, documents and hefty lawyer bills. But in reality, the process is far from it. And the payoff of peace of mind is priceless. According to local Attorney Margaret...

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Here’s how the Lake County Development Council is connecting key people in the community to ensure a healthy economic future

For more than 60 years, the Lake County Development Council has positively impacted the local economy by orchestrating luncheons, speaker programs and annual events, such as its Legislative Breakfast in the spring and Economic Forum in the fall. “Our mission is to connect business leaders to each other and our elected officials,” says LCDC...

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Here’s how Neubert Painting can revitalize your kitchen cabinets for thousands less than a traditional remodel

Over the last year, the kitchen remodeling industry experienced a boom unlike any other. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to spruce up their interior space. But a shortage of materials combined with a difficulty in getting them and overloaded contractor schedules meant the price of remodeling went up—way up. One company decided not to...

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Subway tile is having a moment, and you’ll find every size, style and configuration at Guhde Flooring America

Having spent their careers in the flooring and home renovation industry, the dynamic husband-wife duo of Shawn Rosa and Monica Guhde-Rosa, who manage the front office and sales operations at Guhde Flooring America, have their fingers on the pulse of emerging trends in Northeast Ohio. Looking back on the past year in home design, one of the...

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