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Akron’s artisanal food market—Crafty Steere—is packed with locally curated meats and sweets, gourmet sauces and more

With a nostalgic nod to days and foods gone by, the Crafty Steere, Akron’s Artisinal Food Market, offers locally curated, craft-made gastronomic delights, from meats and sweet treats to deli sandwiches, charcuterie fare, baked goods, and gourmet sauces and condiments. Owner Brian Steere fondly remembers visiting the West Point Market with...

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With a success rate in the 90% range, holistic weight loss coach Carrie Ailstock-Wolford has a signature plan that works

Working with each person’s body type and tapping into science-backed nutritional strategies, Carrie Ailstock-Wolford focuses on achieving holistic health through education, accountability and technology. Carrie’s Weight and Wellness Coaching is backed by licensed chiropractors and recommended by physicians within Lakewood Chiropractic...

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Amy Hoes, of The Showcase Home Group at eXp Realty, has already helped a hundred clients make their move this year

“Once new technology rolls over you, it you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” —Stewart BrandMedina-based Amy Hoes and The Showcase Home Group at eXp Realty are having a steamroller sort of year. In fact, they’ve just hit their 100th home sale for 2024, which is nearly double what they did by this time last...

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For people with severe to profound hearing loss, a cochlear implant can be life-changing

Amanda’s Family Hearing was founded with the mission of helping others by improving their quality of life through better hearing. It’s not surprising that Founder Dr. Amanda Barbur recently decided to undergo additional training on cochlear implants so she could help those with severe to profound hearing loss who might not be gaining...

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To get the most out of getting older, twice-weekly training at MaxStrength Fitness is the key for Theresa Weiler

In the winter of 2022, Theresa Weiler took a bad spill on the ice, which resulted in a complex ankle fracture and surgery that left her with 10 screws and a plate holding the ankle together. An extended period of rehab motivated the active 63-year-old to focus on improving bone density, strength, balance and flexibility. “It was a wake-up...

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