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Don't suffer with leg pain and get healthy legs at last with Medina Vein & Vascular Center

When you take into consideration that we each have a vast system of blood vessels in our body that would stretch an astounding 100,000 miles long if you were to lay them out end to end, you can understand how problems can arise in the blood circulatory system. Though those blood vessels are miniscule capillaries, most of the health issues occur...

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CLE Pools is a one-stop shop, handling the plumbing, electrical and concrete involved in every pool job

CLE Pools is the local leader in fiberglass, in-ground pools and is an authorized representative of ultra-durable Latham Pools. “We installed dozens of pools over the past few pandemic years,” says owner Tyler Hrusch. “The surge in pools’ popularity has led to design innovation. And the demand seems to be growing. A pool is a product...

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Making the grade with Curb Appeal Painting

On those first bright, sunny days of spring, when you pull out of your driveway and take an honest look at your home’s exterior, do you love what you see? Did it withstand the winter weather and look as strikingly beautiful as the day you bought it? The seasoned professionals at Curb Appeal Painting can bring your home back to that original...

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Cleveland's own cabinetry, right in your back yard

It’s refreshing and unusual to shop for a home renovation project and know that you’re buying from a local, family-owned manufacturer. Choice Cabinet’s newly opened showroom on the west side, within Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn, is right in the back yard of neighborhoods of folks who have already worked with them via their east...

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When everything you’ve tried for knee pain relief has failed, Aligned Health Center offers hope

Since opening in 2015, Aligned Health Center in Westlake has earned a reputation for “firsts.” It was the first and still only Chiropractic BioPhysics clinic in Northeast Ohio. In 2019, Aligned medically integrated their practice to help patients tap into this holistic level of care by offering mesenchymal stem cell injections for the...

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