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Dr. Nigel Brayer, of Living Tree Center for Healing, can turn back the hands of time with Acupuncture

Dr. Nigel Brayer at Living Tree Center for Healing is taking centuries-old principals of acupuncture and applying them to facial rejuvenation—smoothing lines and wrinkles and firming skin—and the results are astonishing. “Facial acupuncture addresses the cosmetic effects on the face that are the outcome of many years of the skin...

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When students need extra care, the team at Willoughby-Eastlake Schools is there

The job of a high school guidance counselor can oftentimes be thankless. A modern-day counselor has a lot more to deal with than testing and preparing students for careers beyond high school. Recently, a counselor at North High School got a nice surprise in the form of a thankful email and bouquet of flowers for going above and beyond the job...

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Margie Karl dives into the particulars of navigating both wills and executor of the estate

An integral component to drafting a will is appointing the person you want to carry out its legal instructions: the executor. Since setting up wills and trusts is a big part of elder law, we reached out to local expert Attorney Margaret T. Karl for some insight. “When a will goes to probate, the named executor is the person whose...

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Tamer Construction didn’t invent the kitchen remodel, they reinvented it

On March 1, Tamer Construction’s showroom—Cabinets & Designs of Ohio—celebrated its sixth anniversary by introducing a new kitchen to its group of to-die-for design-forward vignettes. “This kitchen features a lot of the trends we are seeing right now,” says John Tamer, who has more than 30 years in the industry. “And our...

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Agapé Organic Salon + Spa brings a love of natural, organic beauty care to Broadview Heights

a•ga•penoun GreekThe highest form of love and charity embracing a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists, regardless of circumstance. The ladies behind the newly opened Agapé Organic Salon + Spa are taking a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, going beyond esthetic pleasure and into the realm of loving,...

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