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Crossroads Health offers services to prisoners to help increase their chances for success after release

You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners.” —Fyodor Dostoevsky This famous quote by the Russian novelist, who at one point in his life served a four-year sentence of hard labor in Siberia, underscores the redemptive quality of compassion and benevolence. If Dostoevsky were alive today, he’d find that...

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Here’s how Dr. Danielle Shaper keeps kids ready to play

When Governor Mike DeWine gave the green light for youth summer sports to return to Ohio, you could practically hear the kids cheering. As they make their way back to the fields, courts and tracks, athletes and parents should keep in mind this is also the season for sports-related injuries and ailments. “Some common issues I see in 10-...

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Shop online at Consign Home Couture's enhanced website

Anyone who appreciates high-end furniture knows it signifies craftsmanship, innovative design, luxurious fabrics and materials, as well as bespoke finishes. To sum it up in six words: “You get what you pay for.” But at Consign Home Couture in Westlake, you’ll get much more than you pay for. The upscale consignment boutique offers...

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Fitness Together can help you to defend your health and wellness

Although they’ve stayed in touch with loyal clients through calls, texts and one-on-one virtual sessions, the trainers at Fitness Together in Bay Village were thrilled to reopen the studio last month and see them again in person. Says Owner Sean Sullivan, “We’ve taken every precaution to ensure our clients’ safety, including staggering...

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Becoming more balanced with acupuncture

On Monday, June 1, Vivify Wellness at Avenues will reopen its doors to offer acupuncture and more. According to Vivify’s nationally renowned acupuncturist Jennifer Saferstein, the practice has become mainstream, with more than three million Americans giving it a try. Conditions that acupuncture treats effectively, as mentioned in a report...

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