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Enhanced dental technology in a fresh new setting

Let your smile change the world, not the world change your smile.” These uplifting wall words are proudly featured in the entranceway of the new Sinick Family Dental building in Medina. And they hit close to home for the dynamic duo of Drs. Christopher and Jessica Sinick, who for years have rejuvenated smiles and promoted dental health...

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The Dog Wizard brings top-quality dog training to you

Last year was a banner year for families inviting puppies into their lives. The shelters were emptied, and breeders couldn’t keep up with demand. But now that people are heading back into the workplace, and kids are perched to return to the classroom next month, those precious canines are going through stress and separation anxiety...

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With the Lunula laser at her disposal, Dr. Danielle Shaper of Finesse Footcare is zapping nail fungus

Now that summer has hit its stride, people are enjoying the freedom of flip-flops and sandals, but for those suffering from Onchomycosis (toenail fungus), having others see your feet is not an option. Those with the condition experience thickened and discolored nails with distorted shapes. Not only are they unsightly, but toenail fungus can...

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Another exciting season of Lake County Captains baseball is happening now at Classic Park

Of all the “returns” we’ve been looking forward to this summer, the roar of the crowd coming back to Classic Park is one of the best. Baseball is officially on again. Our beloved Lake County Captains are just three games out of first place as of press time. Since the team is a High-A Affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, each year several...

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The team at Guhde Flooring America will floor you with luxury vinyl tile

There isn’t anything more purely American than rising consumer demand triggering companies to improve their technology to build a better mousetrap. In the flooring industry, over the last decade the world that has beaten a path to their door has been hungry for products that realistically mimic the look of more expensive and less durable...

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