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Now more than ever before, people are scoring high-end home furnishings and decor finds by shopping upscale consignment at Westlake's Consign Home Couture

Consign Home Couture—a haven for high-end furniture and luxurious home décor—is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month in signature style. “Many of our loyal shoppers drive from miles away and always comment on the vast changes in inventory each week. Certainly the saying ‘Miss a day, miss a lot’ applies...

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Here’s how Fitness Together in Bay Village is helping Katie S. stay strong and fit during her pregnancy

When Katie Sheehan was pregnant with her first child in 2015, she adhered to the old-fashioned regimen of lots of daily rest, zero exercise or exertion, and plenty of ice cream. She gained more weight than she planned, and, in the last trimester, went into polyhydramnios and macrosomia (excess fluid and a really big baby). Doctors decided to...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design makes sure your remodel gets done, without a hitch

When Bob Gallese, founder of Acclaim Renovations & Design, was a small boy, his grandfather taught him the meaning of the old carpenter’s proverb, “measure twice, cut once.” And he’s kept that spirit of preparation before action alive throughout his 40-plus years in the home renovation business. “Making sure we’ve covered...

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Attorney Margaret T. Karl is at your service for legal services without the hassle and hidden fees

Practicing law is a profession that’s often the brunt of bad jokes. But after they’ve “walked into a bar,” “screwed in a lightbulb,” or “been at the bottom of the ocean,” the laugh is actually on anyone telling these jokes, because lawyers are in the unique position to save you time, money, and maybe even a court date. After...

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Guhde offers over 35,000 area rugs to choose from

Area rugs have become the darlings of the interior design world. The just-right rug will anchor a room, bringing all the elements of furniture and wall décor together, while adding a layer of sophistication and an inviting punch of color, pattern and texture. They also serve a utilitarian purpose of feeling warm and cushy on your tootsies...

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