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Here’s how Mutsko Insurance Services is helping clients choose the coverage that’s best for them

Choosing the right insurance and enrolling in Medicare can be overwhelming and complicated. If you’re looking for sage advice and straight facts from a seasoned resource, find peace of mind with Laura Mutsko. With a specialty in the field of senior products and the Affordable Care Act, she’s been a licensed insurance broker since 1997,...

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Here’s how the team at MaxStrength can help you improve strength and balance and avoid a fall

For the roughly one in four seniors who experience a fall each year, the statistics are certainly cause for alarm. Falling once doubles your chance of falling again, and falls are the leading cause of injury and injury-related death in adults over 65. But there is a ray of sunshine peering through the doom and gloom. Two of the most common...

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When ordinary simply will not do

Is there anything more tranquil and serene than a waterfall? The feeling of water flowing over earth and rock transports you to a restful, happy place. When this Eastlake home on Lake Erie was being built by JEMM Construction, the homeowner had a definite esthetic in mind…a Zen feeling of flow, with organic and natural elements...

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Struggling to lose weight? This story is for you

Michele Mastriano founded her clinical, evidence-based practice—Balanced Body Solutions—to create a supportive space in which she customizes a pharmaceutical approach to lasting weight loss based on your health history and goals. Last year when Semaglutide injections were FDA-cleared for weight loss—the first drug ever...

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At The Courthouse in Brunswick, throwing axes, bouncing around inside inflatables, and cornhole like you’ve never seen it played before make for the perfect out-of-the house adventure

Part sports complex, part indoor amusement park, all family-friendly fun—The Courthouse in Brunswick is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a little more excitement in their lives. Spaced throughout this sprawling 50,000-square-foot facility, you’ll discover eclectic venues, from axe-throwing (Lumberjaxe Alley) to obstacle...

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