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Cleveland Roots: Universal Windows Direct plans to put down new ones in Bedford Heights

One of the great things about online shopping is never having to leave the house. Everything from mascara to movies can be delivered right to your front door. Coincidentally, the ability to shop from home is also one of the great things about buying replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct. After 15 years in business,...

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Lucky Shoes is bursting with fresh styles for spring

There’s nothing like curing the winter blues with the thought of spring. With the change of the season comes the change to your footwear. Sandals, peep toes, wedges and tennis shoes are all itching to get off the shelves and onto your feet for the upcoming spring months. Lucky Shoes has all of the latest footwear styles for the upcoming...

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Cleanings by Personal Amish Cleaners are conveniently priced at an affordable hourly rate

Karen Scott is fastidious about the appearance of her Solon home. She has hired individual cleaners as well as cleaning companies from time to time, but the self-described “fussy cleaner” prefers to maintain the house herself. “But I hurt my back,” she explains. “That put me out of commission and I couldn’t keep up with...

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Next-level podiatry

Toggling along in six-inch bubble gum pink suede stilettos may have caused Mimi her share of discomfort in the tootsie department over the years. When she read all of the five-star reviews online about the fabulous patient experience over at Community Foot and Ankle of Mentor, it sounded like it was well worth a visit. Dr. Robert Rosenstein,...

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Say goodbye to unwanted fat—without the deep freeze

The ads and billboards are everywhere promoting a non-invasive, freezing technique to remove fat and contour the body. Dr. Paul Vanek, FACS, who performs many body contouring procedures at his Vanek Plastic Surgery, saw those ads. He also spoke to many unhappy people who had received the freeze treatments elsewhere and told him they weren’t...

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