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No surgery needed for shoulder pain

Of all the joints in your body, the shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion. Because of its incredible mobility, it is more likely to be injured or sustain painful problems. And when it does become painful, it impacts almost everything you are trying to do. Shoulders sustain sprains and strains, dislocations, tendinitis, torn...

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Resolve now to do something about your nagging foot pain

A research study published in Inc. magazine last year reports that the day people are most likely to quit their New Year’s resolutions is January 19. If you’ve already abandoned your resolve to lose weight, exercise more or get organized, one local podiatrist has a better idea. Why not kick off 2022 by doing something about your nagging...

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Is your hearing the best?

Wondering if your hearing is the best it can be? At Amanda’s Family Hearing, we offer comprehensive hearing testing as well as personalized consultations to help you meet your hearing goals. Just coming off the holidays, sitting around the table with family and friends, did you notice any of them being particularly quiet or even avoiding...

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The unpredictability of life

If there’s something we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that life can be very unpredictable. And it’s that unpredictability that has most people in goal-setting mode right now. In addition to enjoying all that life has to offer, we want to be better prepared for the unexpected. Because life has shown us that we don’t always have...

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UH Geauga Medical Center’s revolutionary non-surgical treatment for stress incontinence can have you back in the game of life

Just like people used to shy away from talking about and seeking treatment for mental health issues, urinary incontinence was another matter they sidestepped. However, as more patients realize how common and treatable it is, that’s changing. Stress urinary incontinence—involuntary leaking during activities such as laughing, coughing,...

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