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Cleveland's own cabinetry, right in your back yard

It’s refreshing and unusual to shop for a home renovation project and know that you’re buying from a local, family-owned manufacturer. Choice Cabinet’s newly opened showroom on the west side, within Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn, is right in the back yard of neighborhoods of folks who have already worked with them via their east...

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With an integrative approach involving mind, body and spirit, the team at Advanced MMC first seeks to understand your individual story of pain, then develops a multi-pronged treatment plan customized to your unique journey

Everyone has a story, especially those who have suffered long with chronic pain. Chapters in this story might include trauma, injury, years of overuse, a parade of doctors, steroid injections, surgeries, narcotics, anti-inflammatories, a sedentary lifestyle, depression, anxiety, and the longstanding effects of pain on life, career and...

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Ohio State Senator Jerry Cirino knew he needed to make a life change, and here’s how the team at MaxStrength Fitness got him back into the swing of things

Eighty percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of exercise. This leads to a cascade effect of worsening negative circumstances, from a compromised immune system that leads to chronic illness that leads to a below-average—and shortened—quality of life. We all know we’re supposed to exercise. So, what’s...

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Optima Dermatology can transform the skin you’re in

With the ribbon officially snipped on its state-of-the-art, 15,000 square-foot facility in Macedonia, Optima Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics is ushering in a reinvented skin care experience, with medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments all under one roof. More than 300 people, including Mayor Nicholas Molnar, toured the impressive practice...

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Students of all ages are making beautiful music, with help from the talented team at Pfabe’s Music

One of the largest music stores in Northeast Ohio, Pfabe’s Music in Painesville has been making noise on the local music scene the past 77 years. The location lives up to its tagline, “Everything in music,” offering private lessons, instruments for sale or lease-to-own, instrument repair and concerts. Founded by Edsel Pfabe in 1946, its...

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