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Cover your gutters before fall

If you look closely, darling, you can see the leaves of some trees beginning to turn. Soon enough, Northeast Ohio will explode with the bright yellows and deep crimsons of autumn leaves—many of which will end up in our gutters. That is, unless your gutters are covered. Gutter cleaning is dirty, dangerous work. That makes covering...

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Heel pain relief with Radial Shockwave Therapy

Following the wildly successful introduction of the Lunula cold laser treatment for toenail fungus, this month Dr. Danielle L. Shaper is debuting another breakthrough service to the Cleveland area: Radial Shockwave Therapy to address heel pain. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, more than two million people in this...

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Concrete clean and seal

Each year on the summer solstice in Northeast Ohio—around June 21—we enjoy roughly 15 hours of daylight, compared with just 9 hours on the winter solstice near December 21. That means right now we’re losing two minutes of daylight every single day. That may not sound like much—until you consider that we’ll lose a full...

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Swelling is good and other things your doctor probably won’t tell you

It’s a common misconception that physical therapy only follows surgery or other treatment, and that you need a referral from another doctor to begin physical therapy. In the state of Ohio, you do not need a physician’s referral or prescription to have your physical therapy services covered. Actually, for the best outcomes in the long run,...

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Why NEFD has become a powerhouse in the kitchen remodeling industry

Strength takes dedication, determination and the ability to deal with situations or events that are distressing or difficult. Since launching his Northeast Factory Direct nearly two decades ago, Alex Nemet has been fearlessly getting stronger. “I started selling dining sets out of my garage in Lakewood,” Alex recalls. “I knew I...

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